COUNTDOWN is a unique global crowdfunding platform with the strictly selected challenges.

Challenge Entry

Why are challengers choosing COUNTDOWN?

  • Challengers can collect funds from overseas as well as Japan.
  • Mentors who have successful experiences in variety of fields are ready for giving valuable advices to challengers.
  • Products from successful challenges through COUNTDOWN have opportunities to sell in ALEXCIOUS e-commerce service.
  • Successful challengers who wish to make businesses have chances to be introduced to COUNTDOWN Funding Partners for startup funds.
  • Advisory companies for prototyping and mass production are available.

Steps to start your challenge in COUNTDOWN

  1. Register your challenge

    Press "Submit your Challenge" button to move to "Create a Challenge" page and fill up the registration form to submit. Q&A

  2. Review and Interview

    Our staff will review your submitted challenge to decide whether it's appropriate to COUNTDOWN. The challenger passes the paper review will be requested for an interview via phone, Skype or in-person to determine go-no-go the challenge. The result of the initial review for the submission form will be given within two weeks after received.

  3. Go on live and start challenge

See Terms of Use before submission.

Log in to COUNTDOWN is required to submit.

See Q&A.

Tips for success in your challenge

When your challenge has passed the review process, now it's the time to start realizing your dream. While it may not be easy to success, but you have our staffs, supporters and mentors who are willing to help you. Take a look at the tips below, do them one by one, and then get succeeded. Those tips for success describe things to do from start to end.

Prepare web content for the challenge

  • Clarify the objectives of your challenge

    Write down a bullet point considering what kind of benefit would be given to whom through your challenge, and whether that would raise sympathy from wide range audiences, from a supporter's point of view.

  • List up attractive returns

    Think about what kind of returns would be appreciated by supporters. Imagine what type of people potential supporters are and value of each return for requesting funding amount. It is important to simulate total budget for project itself and returns to make sure the returns will be sent to the supporters.

  • Draw a schedule

    Determine how many days you will collect funds on COUNTDOWN first, then draw a schedule for each action to take until the supporters get returns. Your success in the challenge and sending back returns are responsibility of yours. Make a viable plan.

  • Create your challenge story

    Create content to be posted on COUNTDOWN telling your opinion, passion and experiences as well as what you want to realise, so that the audiences would be moved. It's a good idea to use videos and photos in the story.

  • List up names of strong supporters

    Raising up the funds to certain level at the early stage of the challenge is very important to vitalize the project. Listing up potential supporters from your families, friends and acquaintances, getting them noticed about the challenge in advance and asking them for supports and sharing it to further friends are parts of keys to succeed.

After the challenge posted on COUNTDOWN

  • Call for the funds actively

    Inform of the posting to the listed supporters with asking them to share the info to extend the number of audiences. Expand the supporters’ circle via any potential measure including Facebook, Twitter or other networks whatever you have accesses.

  • Communication with supporters

    Update the status of your challenge on COUNTDOWN and keep the supporters informed that the challenge is on going. That would help gathering other supporters.

When the challenge get successfully completed

  • This is not the end but start point of realizing your dream

    Post appreciation messages to the supporters. Keep updating the progress of your activities on COUNTDOWN.

  • Send the returns to the supporters as you have promised

    Share the happiness of achievement with the supporters!