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From Musashino City ,Tokyo, to Myanmar...Deliver More Japanese Films to Asia and the World!


From Musashino City ,Tokyo, to Myanmar...Deliver More Japanese Films to Asia and the World!

What's this Challenge about?

Help us send this fully locally-filmed movie set in Kichijoji, Tokyo, to Myanmar!

《 greeting 》

This project's goal is to expand market for Japanese movies in Asia through distribution of our new, locally-filmed movie, "Mr. Konogishi's Cafe"

We, Musashino Eigasha, Inc., are a film production based in Kichijoji, Tokyo. We have been creating locally-filmed movies with the help of the local communities of Kichijoji and Musashino City. We have just finished the production of our fourth movie, "Mr. Konogishi's Cafe" (Working Title).

《 "Mr. Konogishi's Cafe" press release 》

"Mr. Konogishi's Cafe" is a fantasy drama about coming of age of a stray girl who dreams to be a patissier and her relationship with her father. Director, Junichi Kanai's "Again" was selected for the New Currents category of the 18th Busan International Film Festival and as a competition film for the 13th Marrakech International Film Festival.

Musician, Kohei Dojima, is making debut as an actor in this film as the main character, Konogishi. Kaoru Hirata, who was highly praised for her acting in "Beyond the Memories," plays the heroine, Aki Hanami, and Yoshiaki Umegaki of the comedy theater group, WAHAHA Honpo, plays her father, Kazuyoshi.

《 "Mr. Konogishi's Cafe" filming location in Kichijoji,Tokyo. 》

We hope this locally-produced film will reach a broader audience in Asia and help many more people to know the appeal of Japanese cinema and our town, Kichijoji and Musashino City.

Help us deliver "Mr. Konogishi's Cafe," a film created by this small local production and the local people of West Tokyo, to the bigger world!

From the West Side of Tokyo to Southeast Asia!

In 2013, we visited Myanmar four times to speak with many local companies and finally established partnership with Myanmar Professional Services based in Yangon, a company that has handled all the Japan-related events in Myanmar.

With Myanmar Professional Services, we are going to pursue successful distribution of the film and, eventually, of more Japanese movies in Myanmar and Southeast Asia.

Why Myanmar?

《 Yangon City 》

In Myanmar, the economy has been evolving rapidly, and more and more people are beginning to enjoy new ways of entertainment and leisure.

Enjoying a movie in the theater is one of the most popular entertainments among the middle class. A movie generally costs only a few dollars, and many are starting to enjoy watching movies more casually. They have built brand-new cinema complexes in big cities, too.

However, most movies played in those theaters are from Hollywood, Hong Kong, Korea, and Thailand, in addition to just a handful from Myanmar.
The annual Japan film festival hosted by the Japanese embassy is the only opportunity there is to see Japanese films in the country.

We believe there is so much potential for Japanese films in Myanmar's film market.

Japan and Myanmar both share the Buddhist roots and share similar taste for stories. We feel Japanese films will be highly appreciated once we find a path to enter the market.

That is why we are currently working on theater and TV release of our film with Myanmar Promotion Services.

"Mr. Konogishi's Cafe" is currently in the post-production stage. We are setting up release schedules in Japan and speaking with Myanmar Professional Services about the film's release in Myanmar.

《 in Myanmar 》

More Background and What We Hope for in the Future

《 "The Mirage Flowers," 》

Musashino Eigasya has always actively pursued international screening opportunities for our movies. Most recently, we visited Hamburg, Germany, to promote our third movie, "The Mirage Flowers," with the director, Tadaaki Horai, and the main actor, Hidenori Tokuyama. We also participated the Busan International Film Festival to network with buyers from various countries.

《 13th Japan-Filmfest Hamburg 》

From such experience, we realized that Japanese films are not very widely known in other parts of the world.
While there are contemporary Japanese film directors who are well-known in the world such as Takeshi Kitano and Hirokazu Koreeda, the majority of Japanese movies hardly get any opportunities to be shown outside the country.

We are trying to start wider distribution of Japanese movies starting in Myanmar through this project simply because we feel there are many great films made in Japan that are worth delivering to the worldwide audience.

In addition to that, all of our movies are made in close collaboration with the local community, which is unlike many feature films. Many of the locals appear in the films as extras, and we always have the local restaurants cater meals during the filming. One time, the local people started a farmers' market in the mornings during our shooting, which has continued till now. Just like this, we have built a deep connection with the local community of Musashino City, contributing to its revitalization in small ways.

《 A morning fair in Kichijoji & Cater meals 》

《 Musashino archive 》

If one of such local films makes it to the audience across the world, it will give the people of Musashino City and Kichijoji much joy. Maybe more people from around the world will start visiting and getting to know the rich cultures of this side of Tokyo.

So this is another of our goals: To connect this one local community in Tokyo to the world through a movie.

In the long run, we are also considering collaborating with the filmmakers and actors in Myanmar and creating films together.

How the Money Will Be Used

Funding goal: 1,000,000 JPY

The collected money will be used to cover the travel cost to Myanmar, the cost for business tie-up with Myanmar Professional Services, the legal cost for the film's distribution, translation cost, creating the Burmese subtitles, and the review fees.

How We Will Make This Happen

We will pursue distribution of the film in Myanmar in collaboration with Myanmar Professional Services.

We are hoping to be a pioneer into an untapped market for Japanese films and connect the local community of Musashino City to the wider world through this project. Please help us make it happen!