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The Movable Security Camera "ilbo"


The Movable Security Camera "ilbo"

What's this Challenge about?

Hello everybody. We are Extrun Ltd. Our challenge is to develop a movable security camera "ilbo".

What is ilbo?

ilbo is a movable security camera which can be controlled by Android/iPhone/iPad smartphones on the go.

You can move ilbo to anywhere you like and look around from the camera.

For instance, to monitor how your pets are doing at home.

to check appliances (air conditioners, lights, …) are turned off,

to check the doors are locked.

This video shows how to use ilbo in daily life and how ilbo works at home.

For more information, please visit the official web site at

How to use ilbo?

Prepare a Wi-Fi access point, ilbo uses Wi-Fi to communicate with the internet.

Register your ilbo to get a URL that points to your ilbo.

Run the ilbo application on your smartphone, you can move your ilbo and view the video from your ilbo.

Move to the battery station when the battery runs low.

A ilbo and a smartphone communicate with each other via the internet.
This system makes ilbo's installation easy, because it doesn't require complicated settings for your network equipments such as Dynamic DNS and opening port.

Available colors

White (normal color) + 4 special colors are available for only the COUNTDOWN supporters.
Don’t miss this opportunity to get the special color versions.


Delux Metallic Black




Provisonal Specifications (to be changed without notice)

ilbo main unit

Length x Width x Height: 200mm x 120mm x 180mm
Weight: 800g
Camera: 0.3M pixel C-MOS, Tilt rotation, Motion JPEG 320x160 5fps
Direction: Forward, Backward, Right-Left Turning
Wi-Fi: IEEE802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz WPA2
Battery: Li-ion, 10hours (without moving), 2hours (continuous running)
Supply voltage for battery charger: AC100V(50/60Hz)
Package includes: ilbo (main unit), Battery charger, AC adapter, User's manual

ilbo application

Supported OS: Android 4.0 and above,iOS 6 and above
Features: Playing the video from ilbo, Remote Control (Move the main unit and tilt rotation of the camera)

How the money will be used?

The money will be used for a portion of the development and production costs.

Our motivations for developing ilbo.

When I (am the president of my company) left home in a hurry, I thought I forgot to lock the window in my house.
Unfortunately, all the family was away from home and there was no way to check the window was locked. Actually, the window was locked, but I was worried all day long whether it was really locked or not.

Have you had any experiences like these?
- You leave home in a hurry in the morning, you worry about whether the air-conditioner, TV or other appliances are getting turned off or not.
- Worry about whether the door is locked and the window is closed.
- How my pets are doing?
- What is going on at my home right now?

As far as we know, existing security cameras in the market are stationary, they cannot walk around in a room. That’s why I have decided to develop a movable security camera by myself.

This product is fun and practical, and I believe that this product will solve your all worries when you are away from home.
We’re looking for your support to develop ilbo.

Photos from the trial production

Debugging ilbo stripped off the case.
The prototype of ilbo uses a Raspberry pi for a control unit and TAMIYA Educational Kits for chasic and wheels.

The case was created by a 3D printer. The picture shows from left to right: unpainted, painted and assembled to the body.

Supporter’s Messages

MotokaTsu Suzuki

Hello everybody! My name is Motokatsu Suzuki, and I’m an actor based in L.A.

I first met president Hado around 3 years ago at a business networking event for the IT community. Why I participated in the event is because I’m not only an actor but also a computer programmer.

I and Mr.Hado often discuss about new business ideas, but I never knew that he was developing such a product, I was really surprised when he showed me the prototype of ilbo.
I really can’t believe that an IT company, not a maker, tries to start making a product.

I think that ilbo has a brand new concept we have never seen before, and I heard that they already have many plans to upgrade and add new features. I think that ilbo is a product which has potential to spread its wings around the world.

I’m looking forward to succeeding with this challenge as a one of the supporters.