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Ohanasi Kagawa: from Online Encounters to True Friendships


Ohanasi Kagawa: from Online Encounters to True Friendships

Dear participants and supporters

Thank you for your participation in our events and your continued support.
Thanks to all of you, we have been able to achieve our goal of 2,000,000 JPY. We are truly grateful for your kindness and support!

We have reached a total of 2,057,000 JPY, and the details of the final amount excluding fees, etc. have arrived from the crowdfunding management company COUNTDOWN:
 ・Final amount (100%)
  2,001,500 JPY
 ・Processing fee (20%)
  400,300 JPY
 ・The difference that we will receive (80%)
  1,601,200 JPY

How we plan use the amount of money
We have confirmed that the amount of 1,601,200 JPY received was transferred to our bank account from COUNTDOWN.
 How to use the funds
 ・Marketing Costs
  About 123,000 JPY
  24 Ohanasi Kagawa T-shirts: about 48,000 JPY
  15 Ohanasi Kagawa Staff local specialties: about 45,000 JPY
  T-shirts / local specialties shipping fee: about 30,000 JPY
 ・Website production Cost
  Remaining funds about 1,478,200 JPY

Regarding website production costs
After the crowdfunding, we had interviews with several website production companies, and finally received a quote from a company that matched the request of Ohanasi Kagawa. The cost is 4,000,000 JPY and the following functions are included.
 ・Event manager (core function)
  ‐Counter function to display participants by language
  ‐Counter function to display waiting lists
  ‐Event reminder email, trigger (automatic delivery) message
  ‐Last minute cancellation Log
  ‐Last minute cancellation fine
 ・Member profile
 ・Questionnaire survey
 ・Inquiry form
 ・Multilingual support (Japanese / English)
 ・Online donation reception function
 ・Marketing and promotion planning
 ・Online chat
 ・Community features (profiles, groups, forums, individual messages)
 ・Paid membership and / or paid events (optional)
Of the 4,000,000 JPY cost, about 1,478,200 JPY will be used from the funds received from every supporter. Regarding the remaining approximately 2,521,800 JPY, we are currently applying for a "startup support subsidy for entrepreneurship (subsidy of up to 2,000,000 JPY)" and are waiting for examination. Either we will receive the subsidy or not, we will cover the other cost at our own expense (Aki and Fumiaki). The website production company says that it will take at least 3 months to complete the production.

Please note that your personal information will be used only for sending out each Thank You gifts and support letters. After, we will delete personal information that is no longer necessary quickly and appropriately.

Regarding the Thank You gift: A few days ago, when the final amount details arrived from COUNTDOWN, we received personal information such as the names / addresses / email addresses of the supporters, so we will move on to shipping as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.