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Ohanasi Kagawa: from Online Encounters to True Friendships


Ohanasi Kagawa: from Online Encounters to True Friendships

Dear participants and supporters

Thank you for your participation in our events and your continued support.
Thanks to all of you, we have been able to achieve our goal of $20,000, and we have received donations worth $18,238.57 USD (excluding the donations that could not be completed). We are truly grateful for your kindness and support!

Of the $18,238.57 USD, 20% have been deducted by COUNTDOWN for the processing fee. The total amount that we could actually receive was $14,590.85 USD (as of 6/6/2021 PDT).
As we received an update regarding the total amount from COUNTDOWN, our supporters’ names, addresses, and email addresses were shared with us so that we can start preparing and sending the return to you.

Please note that all the personal information will be used only for sending out each return and subsequent individual support and supporter management. We will delete personal information that is no longer necessary quickly and appropriately.

Regarding the return, we would like to move on to shipping as soon as the personal information is released and each return is ready. In addition, we would like to inform you here that there are some changes in the contents of the return that we originally planned.

(1) Change from "Thanks Letter" to "Thanks Message Movie".

(2) Change from a supporters-only community on Slack to a supporters-only private group on FaceBook.
The private group will be a platform for supporters to interact with each other, as well as to receive beneficial information about our event deals and special events!

Thank you for your understanding.