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Ohanasi Kagawa: from Online Encounters to True Friendships


Ohanasi Kagawa: from Online Encounters to True Friendships

Apologies and gratitude

Hi everyone. Thank you for coming to our event always.
Thank you for your warm support, we could achieve 2,057,000 yen.

During our crowdfunding project, we became aware that the system we've used was "All in " which means we can receive all the funding even if we couldn't achieve our target figure. However, other than the Email we sent you, we couldn't have any opportunities in the event to explain what happened. We're profoundly sorry for the lack of responsible explanation for you. Also, for all of the supporters who funded us thought the system we had was "All or Nothing" which in that case, we couldn't receive any funding unless we achieve 100% of our target figure by funding from supporters, we apologize that our announcement didn't take place any sooner.

All the funding from you will be used to provide safety and high-quality contents for you here in Ohanasi Kagawa.

How we use the funding from supporters.
・The funding will be mainly applied to build our brand new Website. If you need further information about the website, we have every detail in our blog.
・We'll continue to let you know how the funding has been used in our activity report within the crowdfunding page and also all the social media we have. 20% of the funding is going to be deducted as margin.
・We'll start sending you our return gift. We'll have information for the procedure of delivering gifts in the activity report within the crowdfunding page.

Ohanasi Kagawa is an organization supported by participants and volunteer staff. Please keep supporting us as we continue Ohanasi Kagawa and improve our event.

We're truly thankful for your cooperation.