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Ohanasi Kagawa: from Online Encounters to True Friendships


Ohanasi Kagawa: from Online Encounters to True Friendships

We want to create such a this website!!!

Hello everyone! This is Aki from Ohanasi Kagawa.

Thank you so much for coming to our events and donating to us.

We have received ¥1,561,000 ($15,610), which is 78% of this crowdfunding project thanks to everyone!!

We really appreciate that.

We want to make this Ohanasi Kagawa better and better through this crowdfunding project!!

We want to expand it more and more all over Japan and the world, and

We want to help those who want to easily interact with people from other countries in English and those who want to friendly interact with Japanese people in Japanese to provide more opportunities that they can be connected.

For that, we need to get more people to know Ohanasi Kagawa.

We need to make a system that we can properly manage many participants.

We need to make a website that people can easily see event information and book and cancel events.

In order to realize them, we will create a wonderful website for many people.

Lately, we are looking for a company that creates our website together.
Today, we are sharing our thoughts about our future website.

1st: Want to create a free membership website

What we can do if we create it
→ You can check your reservation status for our events.
→ You can book our events with one click!
→ You can cancel our events with one click!
→ You can contact our staff via chat system if you have any trouble.
→ You can simply see information about the next event and other events.
→ You can find your Remo link on your page after you book our events.
→ You can see our event schedule according to your time zone.

2nd: Want to automate reminder system via email!!

What we can do if we create it
→ We want to automate the painful process of email.
→ Since you can receive a reminder email, you won't forget our events!
→ You can constantly receive our new information and event information.

3rd: Want to create a counting system that you can see how many participants have applied to our events

What we can do if we create it
→ You can quickly check how many participants are going to attend our events and see how many seats are left.
→ Even if you are on the waiting list, you can see wheter you could move up to the event or not.
→ You can smartly consider other events if your desired event is almost full.

4th: Want a website that prevents the leakage of personal information

What we can do if we create it
→ We must absolutely prevent the leakage of personal information, so we need to create a high-security website.

5th: Want a website that you can easily send us feedback!

What we can do if we create it

→ You might think what if our events would be like this. Please let us know with your feedback!
→ We, Ohanasi Kagawa, can improve our service more and more with your feedback.

We can make participants feel more safe and comfortable by creating a new website like them, so we need to achieve the crowdfunding project!!

However, it's not at all cheap to create our ideal website.

We asked one of the website companies how much we would have to pay for creating our ideal website, and they said around $70,000 to 80,000 and we were disappointed.

If we create a really basic one, it will cost around $10,000.

Honesty, we are not sure how much we can reach to our ideal website with around $15,000.

However, we believe that as more participants come to our events, we need to strengthen security and want to make participants more comfortable, so it's necessary to create a new website.

10 days left until our crowdfunding project will be done!!
Please support us with your advice, donations, and spreading the word!!
*Thank you for your cooperation!