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Ohanasi Kagawa: from Online Encounters to True Friendships


Ohanasi Kagawa: from Online Encounters to True Friendships

Thank you for supporting us always.

皆さん、こんにちは。Ohanasi Kagawa 代表のAkiです。
Hello everyone. This is Aki from Ohanasi Kagawa.

もうすぐ、Ohanasi Kagawaを始めて1年になりますが、皆様のおかげで毎週イベントを行うことができました。
We almost have been organizing Ohanasi Kagawa for a year since we started it, and we have been able to organize events every weekend thanks to everyone.

Thank you for everything.

In terms of the crowdfunding project, we have received $15,610 total for donations and reached 78% of the crowdfunding goal.

感謝しても、しきれません。これほど多くの皆様から愛される場所にOhanasi Kagawaがなってきていることに喜びとやりがいを感じます。
We cannot thank you enough. I really feel rewarding because Ohanasi Kagawa is getting loved by many participants.

そして、このクラウドファンディングを成功させて、もっともっと皆さんの役に立てるOhanasi Kagawaにしていきます。
We will succeed in this crowdfunding project and will make Ohanasi Kagawa better and more helpful for everyone.

Please root for our challenge until the end of the crowdfunding project. We are always looking forward to seeing you at our events.

Thank you so much for everything.