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Ohanasi Kagawa: from Online Encounters to True Friendships


Ohanasi Kagawa: from Online Encounters to True Friendships

What is Hejitsu Kagawa???

Weekday(Heijitsu) Ohanasi Kagawa!!!!

Have you thought that you wanna practice speaking Japanese with native Japanese people more than once a week?

or Have you thought that you'd like native Japanese people to correct your grammar or writing?

Good news!!

If you use this pairing lesson, you can see and study Japanese with native Japanese people!!

The pairing lesson name is... Heijitsu Kagawa!!!!

The way is very simple.

The first is that you send us the participation form for the pairing lesson.

The second is that staff will find your language exchange partner depending on your available schedule and Japanese levels.

The third is that we will send you the Remo link as usual and you can attend the pairing lesson and talk to your language exchange partner.

Even if you send us the pairing lesson participation form, you might not be able to see your language exchange partner depending on the number of participants, schedule, and so on.

We are trying our best to equalize the number of Japanese learners and English learners upon each event. Therefore, if you cancel without notifying us three times in total, it will influence your credibility to us, so you will not be able to join our events. In case you have to cancel, please notify us at least 30 minutes before our event starts. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with us.