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Ohanasi Kagawa: from Online Encounters to True Friendships


Ohanasi Kagawa: from Online Encounters to True Friendships

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What's this Challenge about?

We are “Ohanasi Kagawa,” an online international communication community. Currently, we have about 100 participants each week.

Our philosophy at Ohanasi Kagawa is to

“Create bonding between Japan and the rest of the world, without boundaries.”

With this challenge, our goals are to

◎ Make this community even bigger;

◎ Create more friendships between English learners and Japanese learners around the world;

◎ Make these new friendships born amid the COVID-19 pandemic into “True Friendships” around the world;

◎ Create lifelong connections.

To make our goals happen, we need to strengthen our online security. This is where we need your support.

We are working to make Ohanasi Kagawa a fun and safe experience for every participant. Any amount helps.

We appreciate your kind support. Thank you.

~How We Came To Be~

Ohanasi Kagawa online was organized in June of 2020 by a group of Japanese college students who met at Sierra College in California.

We felt as though because of the COVID-19, many chances and dreams of studying abroad for many people were taken from them.
During the beginning of the pandemic, we thought about what we could do for such people.

▼ We want to make a place for social interaction around the world!

▼ We want to be helpful to others!

▼ We want to contribute to society!

With such passion, we started Ohanasi Kagawa, and now it has grown into a community where around 100 participants from all over the world come together every weekend.

“What can Ohanasi Kagawa do?”

・People from 43 countries around the world including Japan can learn through language exchange

・Expand your understanding of different cultures

・Talk about similar interests and hobbies

As we see our participants conversing with each other, we feel an even stronger desire to continue to expand this group.

Currently, we have staff members studying in England and Malaysia who also feel strongly about our mission.

“What Comes After Ohanasi Kagawa”

Ohanasi Kagawa is a place to create bonding beyond the borders of Japan and the rest of the world.
What comes after?
To one day be able to turn the bond into a lifelong friendship and cultivate perspectives through interactions with people from various backgrounds.

“I can be myself with all sorts of people around the world.”

We help you reach your own potential.

“Let’s create a world where everyone can follow their dreams and build confidence!”

The cost we need for our mission

・Production expenses for the website
 -You can create your own Ohanasi Kagawa account and join the event from your log-in page
 -Various information about Ohanasi Kagawa and other events (Online magazine, blog, etc)
 -Open an online forum
 -The system for paring 1 on 1 talk session during weekdays
 -Provide essay proofreading and the place where you can give a presentation
 -Strengthen the website security
・Labor cost
 -New staff training cost
 -Training cost for an English / Japanese instructor

We appreciate your kind support. Thank you.