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Nasubi's Plan to Reach the Summit of Mt. Everest for Cheer Up Fukushima

Regional Revitalization
Regional Revitalization

Nasubi's Plan to Reach the Summit of Mt. Everest for Cheer Up Fukushima

What's this Challenge about?

What is Everest Challenge?

Nasubi, who was born Fukushima, is going to challenge to reach the world highest summit of Mt. Everest to give Fukushima vitality, courage, dream and hope.

Since the East Japan Great Earthquake Disaster in 2011, with his love for his home town, Fukushima, in his heart, he has been supporting Fukushima rehabilitation. However, as time went by, even though Fukushima’s problem is still on-going problem because of the influences of the nuclear power plant accident, people have been losing their attentions. As Fukushima’s situation is very much complicated, I strongly feel that Fukushima needs both of direct and indirect supports. As I have an identity of Fukushima, I will gather the supports from all over the world and deliver the right information so that people do not get wrong idea about Fukushima. I will bring good news back to Fukushima and make a big wave of support Fukushima through my challenge to unknown in order to show myself facing and overcoming difficulties. Adding to this, taking this challenge as an opportunity, I am going to set up the organization to support Fukushima permanently.

Reason to support Fukushima

Bring vitality, courage, dream and hope to Fukushima.
Born and grew up in Fukushima.
Since East Japan Great Earthquake Disaster in 2011, I have been looking for what I could contribute to my home town, Fukushima, and help people there to repay for their kindness.
After the disaster, I visited the disaster area in Fukushima and felt helpless and emptiness at first. However, people I met there told me that they were happy to meet me and thanked for my visit with tears.
Then, I decided to be with people in Fukushima and do whatever I could do to help them.
As a leader of Fukushima supporter, I decided to continue supporting them.

What I can do by myself is not a lot.
Even so, I have participated in volunteer activities, events and charities in Tokyo area even though nobody asked me.
People in Fukushima smiled by helping them. People who noticed me and stopped to take a photo with me smiled. I smiled with them. The chain of happiness makes everyone smile. I would like to expand the chain of smiles and bring smiles back in Fukushima with my smile.
Step by step, I faced myself sincerely and I have been working on whatever I could do to support them.

Current Fukushima situation a lot of people do not know

Just after the disaster, all people were saying Japan was united. However, as time went by, it turned out to be as though not true. People quickly lost their enthusiasm of the restoration and the rehabilitation supports and I felt big differences in people in the disaster area and people in the other areas.
Looking at the current situation, it is still hard to say the rehabilitation has been making progress. Especially in Fukushima, the influence by the nuclear power plant accident is ongoing.
I strongly feel the need to create “waves” of supporting the Fukushima’s rehabilitation by informing the actual situation to people in Japan and the world once again.

I want to be priming water for Fukushima support!

Some of the victims told me something like this; “You are the hope of Fukushima. You have a voice and influence we don’t have. So, you must send message to people. I am counting on you.”
Yes, that’s right! I want to do something Fukushima people can support me. Once again, I want to do something to bring people’s attentions to Fukushima. Not “I want”, but, “I must!” I felt my passion coming up from inside.
Dots created a line and gave me an inspiration. Or, it could be rather right to say it happened to come into my mind.

I am aiming to reach the summit of Mt Everest. From the top of the world, I want to shout for support of Fukushima!
By showing myself challenging and achieving inexperienced event, I want to prove that Fukushima can also challenge an inexperienced event they have to face and they can make miracles happen, even the fight against the radioactive contamination.
By showing myself overcoming difficulties, I want to get a lot of people involved. Therefore, I want to be priming water for Fukushima support once again!

Failure of the First Everest Challenge & Re-challenge

Last spring, initially, I was sending my messages and information by myself. However, gradually the number of my supporters increased and many people gave me funding so that I got a chance to make a miracle happen.
Mr. Kenji Kondo, who is the international mountain guide, sympathized with me and with his cooperation. Although I have never experienced mountaineering in my life, I had training and challenged Mt Everest last year.
I did trekking with local guides from where people normally transfer by air. I carry my bag on my back all the way and arrived at the final attacking point and reached at around 8,700m. However, in order to come back alive, there was no choice but returning before reaching to the summit. On the way back, I felt huge ashamed and disappointed. I cried so much and never cried that much in my life. I went back to Japan with my heart broken.

Nevertheless, my supporters and Fukushima people gave me a warm welcome and some words of appreciation.
“Thank you very much for challenging at the risk of your life.” “We are proud of you.” “This is not a failure because you came back alive.” “Current Fukushima is trying to move forward by learning by trial and error. As long as you are alive, an opportunity will come again.”
I learned that the result is not everything. The sequences and the process of the event is also important.
After the first challenge, a lot of Fukushima local media picked me up and a lot of people raised their voices to support Fukushima and me to liven up Fukushima together.
It used to be a self-appointed leader of a cheer group, but finally I became the official leader of the Fukushima supporter group.
My challenge to unknown at the risk of my life cheered up Fukushima and I had a good feeling of the new movement coming by Fukushima people sticking together. But, at the same time, I felt tit would not be good enough to spread messages and information effectively. I could hardly say that it stopped toning down the supports for Fukushima and North East.

Meanwhile, re-challenging of Mt Everest started to come to my mind.
My earnest desire to accomplish what I once decided is always there.
Listening to the words of appreciation after the first Mt Everest challenge, I was sure that my message must have reached where I wanted them to reach.
Once again, I want to appeal to the public through my challenge of Everest.
I want to awake the interest to Fukushima through my activities.

And the support goes on

I perceive a completion of Everest challenge is one of the checkpoints, not the goal. The true value will be judged by my activities after the challenge.
After accomplishment of Everest challenge, I am planning to set up a Non-Profit Organization to support Fukushima in order to accelerate the support. I continue to support Fukushima until the end of my life.
The main activities of NPO will be, sales of mainly Fukushima and North East original products. I name myself as a rehabilitation support sales person in order to sell all products. I travel all over Japan to help to sell North East products as a volunteer sales supporter. Another activity will be a Fukushima and North East tour guide. Since I would like people to know more about Fukushima and at the same time I would like them to enjoy there, I make a tour plan for small groups as well as big groups.

I want to connect the victims and people who want to help but do not know what to do. To set an example to the other, I will do my own activities to close the gap created by the time.

However, some of the rehabilitation and regeneration of Fukushima will not be done within 30 or 50 years. We might consider it might take 100 or 200 years.

Therefore, I decided to continue the support as an organization rather than as a person.

Taking Everest challenge as an opportunity, I establish the Nasubi Fund.
I aim high with this fund. It lasts long to posterity like a Nobel prize. This fund supports a person or a group who support Fukushima, and also it supports new businesses or plans for regeneration. Building up the society where children who brought up in Fukushima will not be distinguished or discriminated. Research and development of the technologies of the decontamination and the removal of the radioactivity. Finding the method of the disposal of radioactive waste, etc. I am really serious about these.
Right now, if Everest challenge comes true and if there is a need, I would like to plan trekking or climbing tours and invite Fukushima supporters from the participants. If the experience of Everest challenge is published, the profit will be the base of the fund.

How to perceive and to be perceived Everest challenge

I am fully aware of that Everest challenge is an indirect support for Fukushima. However, the last Everest challenge encouraged people in Fukushima and I got a good feeling that it became a bridge between people who want to help and people in Fukushima.

Until I thought of Everest challenge, I never climbed any mountain or I was never interested in climbing at all. If there was not the disaster, I would not have climbed Mt Everest or even Mt Fuji.
As a person, to reach the summit of Mt Everest does not mean anything. However, my father family is from Iwaki (Hama street), my mother family is from Aizu and Fukushima and adding to this, my original home is in Naka street in Fukushima city. I have all relations with Fukushima and therefore I have all the identity of Fukushima. Judging from my experience and my background, by showing my identity to the public, I will have a good chance to be supported from inside and outside of Fukushima.
I believe that it is worthwhile to put myself in the difficult position at the risk of my life. At the last challenge, I actually walked beside the dead bodies and I heard somebody died in the near tent. And yet, I decided to challenge once again! Please believe me and understand that it is never an act of self-advertisement to avail myself of this event although some people might think that way.

To the investors

This time, by using the crowd funding system, I would like to send FUKUSHIMA to all over the world.
As a return for my fund supporters, I would like to provide spicy pickled eggplants which I made together with Fukushima people after the disaster, T-shirts made of the organic cotton cultivated in Iwaki, a right to Fukushima tour together with me. All returns are well related to “Support for Fukushima”.

Finally, please let me say this!

Support for restoration, revival and reproduction of Fukushima, must not be like a fashion. The support must go on as the reality of the disaster area does not just disappear.
Sometimes, I hear that there are people annoyed by the slow progress of the restoration, but they do not know what to do. I can understand there are various types of supports and sometimes it is difficult to do something.
I always say to people who do not know what to do that “Please support me! I shall deliver your voice of Fukushima support. I will liven up Fukushima!”
I will walk with Fukushima.
I will make Fukushima revive.
Fukushima still needs a lot of support.
I want to reawake the movement of restoration once again as it has been stagnant.

Through Everest challenge, please support Fukushima!
All my life is always for support Fukushima! I will liven up Fukushima!

Please give me your support!

Warm hearted Fukushima Sightseeing Ambassador
Smile Tohoku Project Cheer group member
Leader of Fukushima DC North District Cheer Group


Usage of the support fund: Fees of reaching the summit of Mt Everest.
*In order to reach the summit of Mt Everest, a lot of money is needed. For example, the mountain climbing fee is at least 2~3 million yen in US dollors. Right now, yen is weak against US dollors.