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<From Fukuoka,Japan>The Project of Raising up Young Artists Vol.1 "Nameless High School Girl flies to the World ~ You are the Next~"

<From Fukuoka,Japan>The Project of Raising up Young Artists Vol.1 "Nameless High School Girl flies to the World ~ You are the Next~"

What's this Challenge about?

There are 2 purposes for this challenge.
The 1st is to open the possibility of a young nameless violinist, whose name is Yukiko Kuhara, who played a concerto with Boston Chamber Orchestra as a soloist on January 19, 2014, in Fukuoka, Japan. The 2nd is to make an opportunity for more nameless young artists like Ms. Kuhara. We will pick up extremely talented young musicians by a competition and give them an opportunity to play a concerto with great orchestras and to study abroad.

We can create a new model of auditions for amateur musicians younger than 18 years old. There are 3 reasons.

①We will never care about his/ her career.
② The winner of the audition be given very valuable opportunities.
 ・The opportunity to play a concerto with World-class orchestra.
 ・The opportunity to join a music festival in Boston.
③ We can follow the latest situations of all the winners of the auditions individually in our website

※Detailed information: http//www/
(Planned to publish on the website above on the middle of June)

Please support us with the ways below.

①To share this page on Facebook. “#The Challenge of an Nameless Girl”
②To purchase one of the returns.
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Mr. Fuminori Shinozaki (Concert Master of NHK Symphony Orchestra)

“ Art-Chef is launching something amazing in Fukuoka! This is my first impression for Mr. Nakamura, who is the president of Art-Chef.

Especially in Japan, it has been very difficult to find opportunities for musicians who has never won any prizes in major competitions. However, I recently see some movements start running to support unfamous musicians and young artists who want to be professional.

When I was studying in Europe, I could have many opportunities to make great strides. It doesn’t matter nationality, religion, and human race. It was always open widely for anyone and support the young musicians to make their dream come true.

Since I got back to Japan, though I had been trying to make more opportunities for young people as I was given, it was not easy. I rallied like-minded people, and we somehow could make tiny achievement.

However, Mr. Nakamura’s “Art-Chef” is trying to unbelievably big dream from their 1st step. At first, I had doubt them, but they already have succeeded a big concert this year.
I am very glad that this marvelous organization gives it’s first cry in my hometown. I wish hopeful young people can won many chances for their future."

Name : Yukiko Kuhara

Age : 18 years old
School : Kwassui High School (Nagasaki, Japan)
On July 2014, she won the audition for choosing a soloist of concerto with Boston Chamber Orchestra.

①What she felt though the experience of playing concerto with BCO.

“It was fabulous experience for me. I feel full of appreciation to everyone who related to this concert. I re-realized the power of music. Music let us get together without any border like age or nationality. The performance of BCO was extremely powerful and gave me a lot of energy. Through this experience, I could grew up a lot and find out what I need to assigned to myself as well. As the winner of the 1st concert, I will keep doing my best.”

“I`m sure I can find new musicianship and expression of music in U.S. By touching the music in abroad directly, I want to absorb them as much as possible.”

“My dream is to be a violinist who can

“I am very happy that I could have many opportunities to meet many people through music. I will pursue my originality and what only I can do.”

This movie is the performance of Ms. Yukiko Kuhara in “Boston Chamber Orchestra Special Concert in Fukuoka, Japan” on January 19th, 2014.
For more information ⇒

Ms. Yukiko Kuhara will participate a music festival called “Youth & Muse” in Boston on July 28th ~ August 10th.
※Youth & Muse

In the 1st week, she will have private lessons, workshops for concertos. Then, private lessons and workshops for solo playing and chamber music in the 2nd week. At the end of festival, she will have an opportunity to perform concerto as a soloist.”

I am Koji Nakamura, pianist and the President of Art-Chef. I started learning piano when I was 17 years old. I killed myself by practicing piano for 2 years and got accepted to The Boston Conservatory. After I graduate The Boston Conservatory, I came back to my hometown Fukuoka.

My Profile
Born in 1985 in Fukuoka, Japan. From my childhood, I learned a couple of martial arts like Karate, Shaolin Kung Fu, Aikido and Judo. On the other hand, I started playing the piano at the age of 17. After I graduate High School, I went to U.S to study architecture. However, at the age of 19, my enthusiastic feeling to piano made me make a decision. Since then, I was completely submerged myself by practicing piano all the day.
2 years later, I got accepted to The Boston Conservatory. In 2011, I graduated The Boston Conservatory.

I came back to my hometown Fukuoka in 2011 and established an organization “Art-Chef” aimed to Re-recognize and Re-define how art should be today.
What we call “Art” is anything that moves our emotion and heart. “Art” comes from that you realize “Art” exists in your life. If you can realize, everything in your life can be “Art”. To create opportunities to realize it. This is our Mission.
Concretely, we create opportunities for young amateur artists to collaborate withWorld-class authentic artists on the same stage at the same time.

What is the authentic artist? We recognize it does not matter his / her career. Our Standard is how he / she works on his / her art with a concept of “Origin”.
“But man does not create… he discovers. Because of this, originality consists in returning to the origin” by Antonio Gaudi
In other words, the most important factor is how much he / she pursues the Origin and Original.

< In 2020, Olympic in Tokyo. What in Fukuoka? >

We have launched our project of an International Art Festival in Fukuoka in 2020. As music is centered on, we are planning a magnificent International Art Festival around Fukuoka. Though the contents of the Festival is still under investigation, we are planning many events related to any genre of art.

Fukuoka is called the Entrance of Asia, because it is the closest city to Asia in Japan. Besides, this city is located in very convenient area to access Tokyo as well. With these big advantages, we hope the Festival gives a trigger of that Fukuoka becomes famous as an Artistic city in the World.

We think the most important thing is to continue the Festival after 2020. Our goal is not the Festival in 2020, but to enrich

*<The intended use of the Funds>
We are planning to use the Funds by your support for the purposes described below;
1.The fee to participate the Music Festival in Boston. ¥500,000
(Flight fee, the hotel expense in Boston, Fee to join the Music Festival )
2.2nd Audition for choosing amateur soloist for next BCO Concert. ¥500,000