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Dairy Products Processing with Small Scale Farmers in Ethiopia


Dairy Products Processing with Small Scale Farmers in Ethiopia

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What's this Challenge about?

Dairy Products Processing with Small Scale Farmers in rural area of Ethiopia!

About this Challenge

Do you know Ethiopia is one of the poorest country in the world?
Nowadays Ethiopia is developing so fast especially big cities, on the other hand still countryside is left from development.
There are some reason why the countryside is left from development in stead of the big cities.
One of the biggest reason is infrastructures including electricities, water supply and roads.
I trust we should do something for the people in countryside because still 80% of population are living there but not much investors of foreigners care about them.

So I will try to start dairy business in Guguma where is remote area of this country with solar power panel as sustainable energy. I'm sure I can change their life with this business but as you know solar power panels are still kind of expensive.
I'm looking forward to your support.

About Ethiopia

The population of Ethiopia is about 100 million, it is second biggest population in sub-saharan.

80% of those population is living countryside, and most of them work as farmers.

Probably not many people know Ethiopia is one of the most populated cows country.

The number of cows in Ethiopia is around 50 million, it is said the 5th in the world.

The capital city of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa where is the center of African Politics, so there are lots of International organization office and embassies.

Instead of political center of Africa, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) toward Ethiopia is not much if compared with other East African Countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and so on.

The regulation of Investment is bottle neck of the FDIs

The bottle neck of the FDIs are strict regulation of Investment especially for foreigner, for example minimum capital requirement of foreign investors is 200,000 USD.

The reason of strict regulation is for protecting domestic business owners, but still the Government is trying to receive FDIs especially manufacturing sector and agribusiness sector(especially value added on projects).

I noticed what is important for this country...

When I came over Ethiopia, I tried to have a look around Ethiopia especially farmers place, because I thought real Ethiopian real life is existed in farmers place.

As I mentioned above, 80% of population are living in country side, so I focused to understand life in countryside.

I noticed lot of things in their life..

The life in country side is totally inconvenient because lots of things are missing for example safe drinking water supply or even electricity.....

We can use solar power as sustainable energy

So I decided to create sustainable business plan focusing on rural area of Ethiopia.

But I need your help to set up solar power panels on the top of factory.

I'm looking forward to wait your reaction, let's change the world together!