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Botswana Chobe Marathon - Safari Run the world has ever seen

Regional Revitalization
Regional Revitalization

Botswana Chobe Marathon - Safari Run the world has ever seen

What's this Challenge about?

The intention of this challenge is to promote wonderful wild life & beautiful culture in Botswana to the people from all over the world through marathon race in National Park in Chobe. Chobe is one of the most famous place in Botswana with its rich wild life such as elephant, giraffe, hippo, buffalo, ostrich, crocodile and so on. We hope the runner to meet them face-to-face to realize the importance of preservation of this precious environment. It will also contribute to increase the number of supporters of this country in various fields. The event is planned like this for now.

Length of the race: 21km, 10km & 5km
Date: 11th December 2016 (Sunday)
Start from Cresta Mowana Hotel, go through the center of Kasane and go along to the Chobe river in the national park. The latter half of the course is tarred road near to Kasane airport back to the hotel. The course is flat and varied. You may see the wild animals such as elephant or boar during the race.

Why we start this challenge?

My name is Ko Ito, Japanese volunteer working in Botswana Public Service College since 2014. One gentleman Mr Maatha Sebokorodi consulted me about his business ideas of sports event, that was the beginning of our challenge to Chobe Marathon. I love to participate in marathon race in all over the world, so I thought we can launch the marathon event ourselves and invite the runner from all over the world to let them know the beautiful nature and culture in Botswana.

Discover Botswana

I didn't know Botswana at all until I was assigned to my current position. But people in Botswana know about my country through Japanese products such as Toyota or Sony, and the big earthquake in Fukushima. School children in Botswana visited Japanese Embassy right after the earthquake and send a message to Japan which says "Japan is beautiful country. We respect the brave of people in Japan.". Some of the children donated money in their pocket at the embassy. The below is the picture of that time.

Republic of Botswana is a landlocked country that is adjacent to the north of the Republic of South Africa. A mid-sized country of just over 2 million people. Botswana is one of the most sparsely populated nations in the world. Okavango Delta has been registered as 1000th World Heritage Site in 2014. It is also known as the land of Bushman and an unique culture of their own still remains the same as it was.
Chobe is the area that people can enjoy safari & river cruise, 2 hour drive to Victoria Fall and 1.5 hours flight from Johannesburg. Botswana celebrate the 50th anniversary of its independence and the world famous guidebook "lonely planet" selected Botswana as the best country to go in this year. (Japan is 2nd place)

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Our team

This event is not intended to be large scale such as New York City marathon or Tokyo marathon, we would like to grow it as an unique race the world has ever seen to be sustainable for more than 10, 20 years. This project is led by Mr Maatla Sebokolodi, and implemented with the help of many supporters in all over the world.

Maatla Sebokolodi (Project Manager)
He is 26 years old working as operator of power plant in Botswana Power Corporation.

This project collaborate with Poverty Eradication Project named "Gift from Botswana". Gift from Botswana support marketing activities of the craft products made by the women in rural area in Botswana. We are going to send the voucher ticket which can be used in the site as the return for those who support this challenge.

Gift from Botswana Commerce Site

The article of local newspaper introduced Gift from Botswana Project in May 2015.

Budget Plan

Through our cost estimation, we recognized that we have to prepare about 200k pula (20k US$) to execute this project. We decided to get 10k from this site and count on registration fee for another 10k. We really appreciate it if you could donate something for this project. Cost breakdown is like this.

- Official Web Site (Include online registration)
- PR (Poster, Ad, Brochure)
- Novelty (T-shirt, Medal, Runners bug)
- Number card, Chip, Data capture
- Aid Station, Toilet, First Aid
- Venue (Stage, Sound Setting)


Mr Wolfgang Slawisch (Project Supporter)
He is main coordinator of Mauritius Marathon which will be 7th time in this year. He's from Germany.

"I guess launching and doing a Chobe Marathon, is a very exciting project and I wish you good luck and all the best for it!"