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Ready or not, here we come! Gamarjobat, taking on Hollywood! Never before seen on film!


Ready or not, here we come! Gamarjobat, taking on Hollywood! Never before seen on film!

What's this Challenge about?

“Bringing the world into a whirl of laughter”

The two members “Gamarjobat” is not your ordinary comedian duo. Forming a duo since 1999, we have performed in 32 countries around the world. Our main performance consists of silent acts such as mimes and physical comedy, and it has made people of all ages laugh their heads off, and we are sure yours will too!!

In the beginning we were mainly active in Japan, where we performed in public theaters. Although we were able to have an audience that supported us, we thought that there must be a more conventional method to attracting people. Being that both of us had experiences in performing outside the country we decided to get out from the country and take a step forward into the outside world, where expectations where higher from the audiences.

We decided to test ourselves in Europe, where performances have been a part of their culture for a long time. Of course we didn’t have any sponsors funding us, meaning that we had to pay for our travel expenses using the money we earned from performances in Japan and on the road during travels.

And one day, an opportunity that was about to change our lives came before us. In the summer of 2002 we were able to perform in the Fira Tarrega, or also known as the Tarrega festival in Spain. Being that we weren’t an invited crew we were unable to get a stage that was in the main area of the city, but we still advertised to the people in the city by walking around the city with our red and yellow colored mohawk hair shouting in the streets about our performance. After performing several times, the locals started to show interest in us. At our very final performance the people in the audience were a sky-high number of 400!
And from this day on we got offers to perform at various comedy festivals around Europe.

In 2004 we were able to perform at the world famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Tickets for all 24 performances were sold out, and we even won the Edinburgh Festival Double Act Award.
We also showed ourselves on British national television where we were featured in a program called “Blue Peter”; and more so we were able to star in our own TV show called “Ketch! and HIRO-PON Get It On”.

From CBBC Channel's "The Slammer", 2008. Gamarjobat won the competition.

Why Hollywood?

When we first started performing we never even dreamed that we would get to where we are today. Being on national television, getting awards at festivals, and touring around Japan was unthinkable.
And while we love performing at theaters in front of our fans, it is inevitable for us to set foot in the world of films where people in the world will be able to enjoy our acts anytime and anywhere.
Using our “silent” talent we will be bringing roars of laughter upon you, just like silent comedians such as Chaplin and Mr. Bean did. We, Gamarjobat will be showing the world what is capable by us and only by us with the aid of Hollywood.

Showing discreetly: Pilot!!

The pilot of our film will be made for the Hollywood movie; aimed to finish on June of 2013. In order for this to succeed the cooperation and assistance of you, the fans, is necessary!!