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TOKYO WATERFRONT Tokyo want to be the most beautiful city of water!

Regional Revitalization
Regional Revitalization

TOKYO WATERFRONT Tokyo want to be the most beautiful city of water!

What's this Challenge about?

Help Tokyo surpass Venice in becoming the World’s most beautiful city of water! ~ TOKYO WATERFRONT ~

We want you to know the wonderfulness of the waterside in Tokyo.

The waterfronts of Tokyo including the river, waterway, and canal which are connected with Tokyo Bay are beginning to reborn freshly now.
The waterside is activated by knowing, using and enjoying the wonderfulness of Tokyo Waterfront.

Let's make "a program led Tokyo to the No.1 water city of the world more beautiful than Venice!”

Begin from first of all getting to know the wonderfulness of the Tokyo Waterfront!
In order to make Tokyo into the No.1 water city of the world more beautiful than Venice, we have to let you know Tokyo Waterfront first.
For that purpose, it should know because I have you experience virtually in this program.

Then, the pilot program was made! Please have a look!

After the wonderfulness of the waterside in Tokyo knows in a program, the event using the waterside in Tokyo is developed!

"Tokyo Waterfront Summit"
the waterside in "Tokyo is used effectively -- what we should do -- " -- we hold the aquatic summit of the participatory type which is both considered and is advocated, and have it participate in you who supported

Tokyo Waterfront Party"
We held every month the event which enjoys the waterside which Jun Ogura produces, and supported it -- limitation -- guidance -- I treat with courtesy!

A sky duck tour party, a waterway kayak experience party, the restaurant dinner party of the waterside, etc. participate in the limited event which actually enjoys the waterside in Tokyo!

Tokyo waterfront supporters!

for over 5000 yen supporters, Tokyo Waterfront supporter. A limited membership card is given!

You with this card can participate in the above-mentioned limited event!
Let's become a member of "Tokyo Waterfront supporters", let's get to know the waterside of Tokyo and,to use it, enjoy it, be activated, and go!

The Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 -- as the beautiful city of water --

Omotenashi " and after the Tokyo Olympic Games greets people in the world as a capital of the most beautiful water in the world! Towards the future , our program which applied the spot to the beauty of the waterside in Tokyo, is made by Japanese-English two languages, and it rises to YouTube and Ustrem, and sends towards the world!

Japan was a country of water transport from the Edo era!

Japan was a water transport state which looks at the circumference rarely also in the world where is surrounded on more than 3500-km coastline, and attains to 4000 ports. Especially, Edo was also called "the capital of water", the waterway was spread around centering on Edo castle, and was briskly used as a transportation device of a thing or a person.

For these 50 years, people turned the back to the waterside !

Though regrettable, a river and a waterway are used as a "drainage canal", and it becomes existence like "Dobu” in which sludge accumulated and had been dirty and stinks, and many buildings turn the back, and have come to be built at the postwarII high-growth era.

Do you know Tokyo Waterfront is beautiful now ?!

People who enjoy the waterside from a ship are also increasing in number again now by development of the along the bay area which Heisei is greeted, and the water quality of waterways all over Tokyo improves from improvement in sewage disposal technology, or people thought to environment.

Tokyo Olympic Games needs the Omotenashi as a capital of water!

Towards the Tokyo Olympic Game in 2020, Tokyo as "a capital of water" is improved anew, administration also shows the posture of deregulation also from the field of transport by a ship, and the motion make the waterside easy to utilize accelerates.
The tendency that the waterway in Tokyo will be used is also increasing in the Tokyo Olympic Games for which mass transportation, such as the staff and equipment, is needed as well as the player.
People moves to athletes' dormitories from Haneda in a waterway.
Furthermore, the ship with the national flag of each country goes Harumi's athletes' dormitories and venue back and forth, and it can imagine even the figure which many people come down their hands from waterside and sends encouragement!

Get to know, utilize and enjoy the Tokyo Waterfront!*

Just now, a highlight is applied to a river, a canal and a waterway, or waterfront as "a capital of water", Please introduce the beauty of the waterside in Tokyo which changes from Edo greatly towards the present age and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, and goes, and pleasantness, and get to know the waterside in Tokyo through movement toward people who gather there, or new development!

In our future, Tokyo must be cultivated because you get to know, use and enjoy the beauty of the Tokyo Waterfront with our program!

While expectations gather for the Tokyo Olympic Games holding in 2020, it is worried also about the depression after the Tokyo Olympic Games.
However, the waterway and river which were not used for these 50 years because practical use of the waterside in Tokyo spreads taking advantage of this program, A canal and a waterfront are activated, many new industries are born! People who go to their schools or offices by a water-bus increase, and a water taxi is used as an everyday means of transportation like a train or a bus.
Water transportation blooms up to the leading role of a physical distribution as well as door-to-door delivery.
From an apartment and a house with a pier, people operate their boat and goes to a nice floating restaurant.
Furthermore, the luxury liner in the world anchors in Odaiba and it goes to the tourist resort in Japan from there.
A casino and the public road race place of F1 may be made in Odaiba, and the celeb people in the world may come to throng it.
Many tourists from the world gather aiming at "capital Tokyo of water".
The future like such a dream can also be drawn.

Make the mini programs of Japanese version "my waterfront"! The English edition "TOKYO WATERFRONT" is made further!

If we succeed our challenge ,it spends on program production.
①Japanese version "my waterfront" fabrication cost
- location hunting expenses ・boat cost・filming expense, edit expense, sound-effects expenses, and the equipment expenses - graphic fabrication cost and WEB administrative expenses
② English-language edition "TOKYO WATERFRONT" fabrication cost
- Translation expense, an English-language edition graphic fabrication cost, reorganization collection expenses, and WEB administrative expenses
③original return cost