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The way to fulfillment of the crucial event "Culture Cloud Show case".


The way to fulfillment of the crucial event "Culture Cloud Show case".

What's this Challenge about?

I would like ask for support for most important event [Culture Cloud Showcase] in the 1st stage of 6 year project for art revival of Japanese Tradition Culture.

As a target of this project towards the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics of 2020 I want to send a value and the creativity that traditional culture in Japan has.

The project Culture Cloud aims at the improvement of the activity environment of the artist who forms the base at the same time to sending powerful culture message within country within this 6 years. The key of this project success which has started on April this year is a special event called Culture Cloud Showcase vol. 1 which will introduce those artist.

Let me introduce myself.

I am Nobuhiko Nishimura from Live Life Co., Ltd. As in 5 years there is going to be the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Games I have started from this April a culture project called Culture Cloud to work with Japanese traditional culture artists. This project purpose is to bring all information about artists into the Culture Cloud and help artists to send their information various directions and provide working platform for them. While the 2020 the Olympic years is the main target I believe this project will help the artists to raise awareness of the Japanese culture.

Culture Cloud at the present July 2015 includes Noh, Calligraphy, folk song koto music, shamisen, Japanese drum, chopsticks and furoshiki, Japanese paper collage and 28th others artists. Our company role is to create the information base and also help with coordination of events, planning and on site management between artists and companies, group organizations.

The behind why this project starts is very severe current situation of the traditional Japanese culture. There are just 15% from all Japanese artists in Japanese which are able to live from it as occupation while the rest does do it on own management.
Another big problem that currently Japanese traditional culture is facing is that traditional art skills are disappearing rapidly. People will hold the fan only during the summer festival Obon Matsuri, tradition anti mosquito repellent incense almost disappears from the daily life, all these small things that are tight with Japanese culture are decreasing. In this situation traditional culture in japan becomes weak and even disappears in the future.

The chance is to coming up. It is the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics that is held in 2020. It is right a perfect opportunity to let revive traditional Japanese culture and in 6 years
But there is a wall which we must clear down. The foreigner who visited Japan touch traditional culture, try and enjoys tastes that will themselves become a source of the information to spread it to the others.
For this, it is more advisable that artists will brush up their skills as this will become their strengths.
The level of the culture has to be levered.

The project has four stages toward 2020, and every stage has clear and concrete activities and goals that should be completed. At this point I would like to ask to support the 1st stage which takes place from April to March 2017. Particularly the important part at first half of the next year there will be hold a huge event Culture Cloud Showcase vol.1 where artists of the Culture Cloud will participate. These artists will run presentation demonstrations workshop and stage performances which will be introduces to various audience from travel industries service industries and also business related to Tokyo Olympics. Especially after having viewing performances there will be chance to directly discuss on possible future plan of performances.

Usage of Funds

Depending on the funds gathered, the pledges may be used for tourism related events and planning, attracting individuals to head such events, hosting the business meetings for the 2016 exhibition (the Culture Cloud Showcase, sometime between April and June), and contributing towards improving the climate for traditional craftspeople and artists while keeping alive the flame of traditional Japanese art and culture.
Funds will also be used for securing venues and for all stages of planning, staffing, and promotional activities, as well as for providing and shipping backer rewards and other various needs of the project.