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Abstrap, a Smartphone-Connectable Abdominal Muscle Strengthening Belt


Abstrap, a Smartphone-Connectable Abdominal Muscle Strengthening Belt

What's this Challenge about?


Abdominal Muscle Strengthening Belt (works with smartphone)

Delivered by MARS Electric, the smallest home appliance manufacturer in the world, to all the gadget geeks of the world.

Mars Electric was founded in May of 2012 with the goal to become the smallest and most unique home appliance manufacturer in the world. We'll keep creating funky gadgets that big manufacturers may not be brave enough to try. To all gadget fans, we much appreciate your support!

Want to keep working out? Keeping record is the key!

Many people try dieting and working out only to find themselves quitting after a week or month.

One of the most effective way to continue dieting is to continue weighing yourself regularly.

Keeping record

Seems to be the key to stay in a work-out habit.

That's why we invented a device that records abdominal muscle work-out for those of you who wish to have flat stomachs.


Abdominal Muscle and Strap

Abstrap is a belt connectable to a smartphone. It has a censor that turns on when there's a pull on the belt. You can put it on while pulling in your belly muscles, and whenever you let it loose, the censor turns on and lets you know by making your phone vibrate with beeps. The device also records when and how much you worked your abs and creates a chart.

The prototype has been already completed and is working great. We're currently working on the smartphone apps. The Android app is almost done, and the iPhone one is in progress. Once they're released, apps can be downloaded for free.

Witness the power of Abstrap!

I'll post daily updates on how Abstraps changes my own abs! Will I get the dream body with Abstrap?

Using audio jack interface to make it less model-dependent

Smartphone models vary greatly, and it's hard to make a device that works for every model out there. To reduce the risk, we developed audio jack interface for Abstrap so the device can be used with most smartphone models with an audio jack.

-Some smartphones do not have an audio jack. Please make sure your phone has one (3.5 mm 4 pole).
-To make sure Abstrap is compatible with your phone, please let us know the model and name of your phone before purchasing rewards.
-Since Abstrap connects to the audio jack, you cannot use earphones and microphone while using the device.

Open source and API for developers

For smartphone developers we will release the app source code and API of Abstrap. You can apply it to create different types of devices such as security alarms that send out emails when the censor turns on.

System Requirements

Android OS 1.6 and up
iPhone 4/4S


MARS Electric

Mars Electric is a venture company that manufactures and sells small-lot products. We aspire to be "the smallest and most unique appliance manufacturer in the world." We'll continue to deliver unique and interesting made-in-Japan gadgets to the world.

Circuit design

PCB design


Mechanism and housing design


Small-lot production and prototype