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Masayoshi Sukita photo exhibition I'M HOME in 2018 ~From my home town Nogata to the world!~

Masayoshi Sukita photo exhibition I'M HOME in 2018 ~From my home town Nogata to the world!~

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What's this Challenge about?

A photo exhibition of the world-famous photographer Masayoshi Sukita will be held in his hometown Nogata City, Fukuoka Japan. During the exhibition period, also held are a lecture for young people and a talk show for music fans inviting special guests.
This exhibition will disseminate the culmination of the photographer's life and his original landscape from his hometown to the world.
It is grateful for your warm support!

Masayoshi Sukita, Professional Photographer

Born in Nogata City, Fukuoka Japan in 1938. Graduated from Nogata High School.
After going through Nippon Photography Institute and Daiko Advertising Inc. he joined Delta Mondo in Tokyo in 1965 and there mainly engaged in men's fashion businesses. He won the APA and ADC awards in the 1960s.

Fascinated by the Woodstock's concert in 1969, he became interested in the subculture and traveled to New York and London to take the photographs. He has been photographing famous musicians of the world including David Bowie, T.REX, and YMO. He is still active today at the forefront such as holding photo exhibitions in various places and receiving worldwide praises.

Participated in the photo exhibition "Who Shot Rock & Roll" held at the Brooklyn Museum in 2009.

2012, released a photo album "BOWIE × SUKITA Speed of Life" the pictures of David Bowie whom he kept shooting for 40 years from Genesis publication in the UK. In August, "Sound & Vision / KIREI(Beautiful)" was held in 4 cities nationwide in Japan, starting with Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

Participated in "David Bowie Is" sponsored by the British Victoria & Albert Museum since 2013. Currently developing world tour at "David Bowie Photo Exhibition".

This event is also supported by prominent people in various fields!

We are full of gratitude thank many people for supporting this event.
We will update supporter messages from time to time.

Makoto Ayukawa(SHEENA & THE ROKKETS), Musician

Lily Franky, Actor

Asakayama Oyakata (former Ozeki Kaio, Professional Wrestler) born in Nogata City

Koji Onaka (Professional Photographer) born in Nogata City

Creative Director / Commercial Message Planner / Takuya Matsuo

Born in Nogata City. Graduated Keio University.
After joining Dentsu Corporation, he moved to the world's largest advertising company WPP group.
Cannes International, London International, ADFEST, ACC and other domestic and international advertising awards. In 2010, he established an advertising planning and production company 17 (pronounced "juu-nana").
With the "Eye-catching advertising to sell things", he has been working with major clients in Japan such as Toyota, Kirin, Nippon Life, Toyo Fishery, Tokyu Livable, Pizza-la, Mercari etc. 

【To the photo exhibition】
Good and evil. Beauty and ugliness. Violence and gentleness.
Every person has contradictory characters and emotional states unconsciously inside. And against the person's will, there is a moment when the opposite side of them appears in the postures made or in the atmosphere created by the same person.
Sukita's photographs and video images of the people snapshot such a moment of their "beauty", "gentleness", and "warmth" generated after experiencing internal conflicts and sufferings of their own that only these individuals know of. These people believe in the photographer and invite him to their hidden story of life.
Last year, I requested Sukita to make a commercial video of Kirin Bitters filming the famous actress Yuriko Ishida. Among many commercial videos made starring Ishida, Sukita's movie was particularly outstanding of drawing out the inner charms of the actress. The video received a great public response just after started air and I remember all the filming team was overwhelmed by the "Sukita Magic."
Good movies and novels let us experience the new world we never know of and let us learn the meaning of life. Sukita 's photographs also provide us with a similar kind of feeling.

Masayoshi Sukita photo exhibition "I'M HOME" held in 2018

● Main events

1. Masayoshi Sukita Photo Exhibition "I'M HOME" in Nogata

■ Exhibition: April 3, 2018 (Tuesday) - May 20, 2018 (Sunday)

■ Location: Nogata Tanio Art Museum
Address: 〒822-0017
10 - 35 Tono-machi Nagata-shi, Fukuoka, Japan
Tel 0949-22-0038
Opening hours: 9:30 ~ 17:30 (entry until 17:00)
Closed: Every Monday 4/30 (Monday · Public Holiday) is open,4/21 (Saturday) is closed for other events to be held

■ Admission:
General admission: 400 (240) yen
High school / college students: 200 (120) yen
・ () Is a group rate of 20 people or more per party
・Free for junior high school students and below
・Free for those with a Handicapped Personnel Book
・Free for high school students on Saturdays

2. Commemorative project: Masayoshi Sukita × Makoto Ayukawa SPECIAL TALK LIVE

■ Date: April 29, 2018 (Sunday)

Address: 〒822-0017
364-4 Yamabe Nagata-shi, Fukuoka Japan
Tel 949-25-1007
Open: 16: 00
Start: 17: 00 (Scheduled)

■ General admission:
Advance ticket: 1200 yen / all general seating
Day Ticket: 1500 yen / all general seating

3. Related events
Masayoshi Sukita Lecture Presentation (lecture for students of Fukuoka Prefectural Nogata High School)

■ Location: Fukuoka Prefectural Nogata High School Gymnasium
Address: 〒822-000
3459-2 Tonno Nakata-shi, Fukuoka Japan
Tel: 0949-22-0006

● Presented by:
● In association with:
Public Benefit Foundation Nogata Culture and Youth Association
● Under the auspice of:
Nogata City and Nogata City Board of Education
● Official website:
● Crowdfunding:

【Highlights of the exhibition】

· Exhibition of Sukita’s unpublished works.
· Performance of hit CM films that Sukita has done to date.
· The cameras that Sukita used for his shooting sessions. Reproduction of the portfolio of the initial connection made between David Bowie and Masayoshi Sukita.
· Exhibition of Sukita’s scenery works picked from the new photograph collection which publishing is underway now in the UK.
· Talk show guest Mr. Ayukawa is a person who has a longtime friendship with Sukita and is supporting more than just a guest speaker for the event. Sukita took a photograph of deceased Ayukawa 's wife, SHEENA.
· Sukita had come to this homecoming photography exhibition with new determination. By introducing his career, he wants to convey a message to the young people. He says, "At times we suffer setbacks, however, if we keep holding our own dreams a success will be waiting in the future."

Secretariat Representative
Kazuta Kono

Maestro, returns home

David Bowie, Mark Boran, Y.M.O. ....

Masatoshi Sukita has kept shooting many artists at the forefront of the age and has echoed fame in the world. This year, reaching 80 years old, he publicly announced that he plans to move to his hometown Nogata City with a plan to hold a photo exhibition that will be the culmination of his career.

This challenge was planned by the strong request of the local people who wanted to convey the "Possibility of Dreams" to the young generation based on Sukita's personal hope of holding a "Photo Exhibition in My Hometown". We believe that the testament to the success of this project is how much talent comes out from the young people who participate and experience the event rather than the number of tickets sold or the number of people gathering.

Planning Committee of "Welcome Home, Masayoshi Sukita" has been inaugurated!

To realize the photo exhibition, a planning committee was launched with local volunteers in July last year. Currently, 10 members are regularly gathering and discussing for making the event attractive.

Rather than attracting customers only with his high-recognition works, the committee is planning an exhibition to highlight Sukita's humanity and to show the complete career of the photographer. In addition, for it is held in the hometown with his landscape of origin, the committee is aiming for the exhibition that has distinctive characteristics only available in Nogata.

We would like to make the local people know more about Sukita!
By showing his way of life, especially to young people, we want to convey his message, "Do not give up your dreams. Your action not to give up leads to the realization of dreams."

It is the culmination photo exhibition filled with Sukita's strong passion.

Small individual support is a great force. We'd like you to be a participant of and experience this meaningful event. We appreciate your warm support!

【Crowdfunding's Funding Applications】

1. Freight cost of the articles (Tokyo - Fukuoka roundtrip)
2. Furniture manufacturing cost related to art museum exhibition
3. Video media production cost
4. Music media production cost
5. Novelty goods cost
6. Venue rental cost
7. Sound, lighting etc. equipment rental cost
8. Labor cost including carry-in-and-out, set-up, and removal
9. Transportation cost (Tokyo - Fukuoka)