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Charity Kimono Calendar 2022 from Boston to the World!

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Charity Kimono Calendar 2022 from Boston to the World!

A big surprise from Kyoto!

Here is a nice memory I want to share here.

A big surprise from Kyoto! - Bad luck often brings good luck!
We have an amazing story to share. Our art director, Seiko, bought some kimono for our kimono calendar project. Unfortunately, her package was stolen on the way to Boston. She was devastated by the huge loss.
We learned that bad luck often brings good luck. First, she mentioned this incident on a Japanese news outlet when they interviewed her about the kimono calendar project. This became key to connect a relationship between Kyoto and Boston. A Kyoto kimono shop, Miyashita, and a group of Kyoto craft people saw the news and they said that they were willing to offer us their kimono for free! It was a big, big surprise to have a set of kimono from Kyoto. It was very amazing. We really appreciate for their generosity.
Here is a video of the kimono sets we received from them. We hope you enjoy thes beautiful kimono sets!!