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Charity Kimono Calendar 2022 from Boston to the World!

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Charity Kimono Calendar 2022 from Boston to the World!

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What's this Challenge about?

1. Introduction 

We are Kayo Walsh and Seiko Kitagawa from the Boston Kimono Festival Organization. Our organization conducts charitable events in the Boston area that convey the charm of Kimono: the traditional, intricate dress of Japan. 

For this project, we are raising funds by taking pre-orders for a “2022 Charity Kimono Calendar.”  With your support, we aim to raise money to donate to research supporting children with rare genetic diseases both in Japan and the United States. ALL PROCEEDS will be donated.

2. The Challenge 

The Boston Kimono Festival Organization has chosen to create this Kimono Calendar to feature some of the outstanding Japanese women living in the greater Boston area. The calendar will be a piece of art; each month will introduce one of our featured women in a unique kimono at an iconic Boston location. 

Seiko Kitagawa, an art director, and Tatiana Dorokhova, a professional photographer, have teamed up to create intricately crafted artistic photographs.  Furthermore, Mieko Murao, a designer based in Boston, will be in charge of designing the layout of the calendar and Kana Iwane, a calligrapher active in both Japan and the United States, will be also be lending her incredible skills to bring this project to life.  In addition to being a charitable cause, this project is bringing women from across the globe together, combining their specific talents. 

All sales of this calendar will be donated as research funds of Massachusetts General Hospital Child Depression Program in the United States and National Center for Child Health and Development in Japan in hopes of helping to ensure a bright future for children who are suffering from mental and physical health issues.

Here is behind the scenes of our photoshoots!


3. Our purpose 

There are many children in the world who are fighting rare genetic diseases. Many studies are being conducted in both Japan and the United States to illuminate the cause of the disease and build more meaningful conversations with patients and their families. Direct support for children is crucial, as is financial support for research that could possibly change their lives.

We collectively decided to pursue this project because of the impact it would have on the lives of children suffering from disease, the people who purchase the calendar, and those of us involved with its creation.  

4. How the proceeds will be used 

All proceeds from the calendar will be donated to the research funds of the Massachusetts General Hospital Child Depression Program in the United States and the National Center for Child Health and Development in Japan. 

5. In conclusion

We invite you to contribute to this wonderful cause by reserving your calendar(s). This calendar would make a beautiful and thoughtful holiday or birthday gift for anyone in your life while making an impact on the lives of children who need our help.  Thank you in advance for your support! 

A message from our wonderful kimono models!

A message from Kevin Urayama (National Center for Child Health and Development )

A message from Mai Uchida (Massachusetts General Hospital Child Depression Program)

 For any questions, please contact Kayo Walsh at, and follow our progress on Instagram and Facebook.
Kayo Walsh