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~ Unite The World with 100 Voices of The World ~ "100 Voices, 1 Heart" Project

~ Unite The World with 100 Voices of The World ~ "100 Voices, 1 Heart" Project

Earth is crying...

So many earthquakes has been happening in Japan rately, as well as the Volcanic eruption in Hawaii, Strange weather, storms....

I pray for all the people who are affected,

but I also feel the earth is trying to balance her health so hard...

In this situation, I question myself...What I am trying to do here is doing any good in this world...

I am not saving a planet, saving dying people...

but then, I come back to the conclusion that

I am here to bring people's state of mind higher using the beautiful vibration of our voices and sound...

I will keep trying my best to pursue this project!

Thank you so much for all your time and effort to support this cause!!

Ita san

Yoko san

Takuya san

Misa san

Mii san

Nyao san

Yoshihito san

Shiori san

Tisavo san

miffy_snuffy_m san

Yoko san

Haya san

Akira Ikegawa san

Jumpei Shimada san

Suga chan san

R H Brown san

Sandra san

Chihiro san

Kayoko san

Chibatan san

Your support trully means a lot to me...

This is the video that friend of mine recommended,
It tells a story from mother earth perspective.

It's just 2 minutes long, but this make you think a lot, at least this made me think a lot about how we are "allowed" to live on this planet.