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~ Unite The World with 100 Voices of The World ~ "100 Voices, 1 Heart" Project

~ Unite The World with 100 Voices of The World ~ "100 Voices, 1 Heart" Project

We reached half of the goal amount!! Thank you!

It's been 8 days since I started this crowdfunding campaign!

and with generouse support from 66 people, We reached half of our goal amount, ¥873,500!!

I am so so grateful! Thank you all so much!

To raise a fund is one of the important goal but I am already receiving so much kindness and opportunities to meet new people that is such a priceless experience for me!
Still, sometime I start to feel very worried and lose my confidence but I am going to read the beautiful, heartwarming message from all the supporters to motivate myself to keep moving forward!

This video of our recording session is filmed and edited by my dear cousin Takuya, who just visited all the way from Toronto, Canada to support this project!

He is also an amazing singer as well as English teacher and he created very cool youtube channel so please check him out as well!

Takuya OginoYoutube Page

Thank you..


Dulla san

Nami san

Haduki san

Taiga san

Haruko san

Megumi san

Hiromi san

Sawa san

Kazuyo san

Masako san

Lucky Reo san

Chika san

Yuri san

Yoshiko san

Ryohei san

Katsuhiro san

Yui san

Shotaro san

Ayah san

Anything Goes san

Shinji san

Your support truly means a lot to me...