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~ Unite The World with 100 Voices of The World ~ "100 Voices, 1 Heart" Project

~ Unite The World with 100 Voices of The World ~ "100 Voices, 1 Heart" Project

  • Thank you all so so much! We finally Did it! I launched this project "100 Voices, 1 Heart” to deliver hope for peace, and reach out to as many people around the world as possible. With this fi... Read more
  • Hello everyone :) I hope you are enjoying a beautiful summer anywhere you live in the world :) I just came back from Austria and Germany! My group, Women of the World were part of the Vokal Tot... Read more
  • My very first crowdfunding campaign! This was the biggest challenge of my life!! Today, We raised 188,1500yen (About $17,000) and finished our month-long campaign!!   I can't thank you enough fo... Read more
  • 193 people supported this project!! and today, we reached our goal amount!!! Oh my goood!!! I am so so happy and grateful! I am going to accept each or your generosity and support with so much l... Read more
  • 4 more days to go!!

    We have 4 more days left and so far we got amazing support fro m146 people!! I am beyond grateful!! Still, I have to raise about $3000. I would be lying If I told you, I am not afraid or feeling r... Read more
  • Earth is crying...

    So many earthquakes has been happening in Japan rately, as well as the Volcanic eruption in Hawaii, Strange weather, storms.... I pray for all the people who are affected, but I also feel the e... Read more
  • My Favorite Artist from Hugging love + , Kanami Yagi designed such a beautiful artwork for this project! This is a vision of us spreading our colorful veils in a open, ... Read more
  • It's been 8 days since I started this crowdfunding campaign! and with generouse support from 66 people, We reached half of our goal amount, ¥873,500!! I am so so grateful! Thank you all so much!... Read more
  • We just finished all the rehearsals, vocal recording and music video shooting within 5 days!! of the best moment of my life....people from all over the world got together and shared love,... Read more
  • We had our second rehearsal :) Oh my god, It was sooo beautiful, I got so emotional... Today is a RECORDING day!! Whoohoo! I am so excited! Read more

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