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Ninja Navigator to the world!


Ninja Navigator to the world!

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What's this Challenge about?

―Project Objectives and Justification―

Inbound tourism business, where the Japanese Government has been making a strong effort as its national policy, is now a market expected to be in much greater demand.
We have set up the Inbound Tourism Business Department, because we direct our attention to this growing market and really want to provide foreign tourists visiting Japan with a wonderful service they can enjoy, and also act as a bridge for international exchange through our business.

―Ninja Navigator ( a project with ninja costume rental and a woman ninja navigator)―

In foreign countries, many people still believe that there exist ninjas in Japan. They are very popular among foreign people, and they strongly associate Japan with ninja, which makes Japan an attractive travel destination for foreigners.
Like foreign tourists, we Japanese people will surely want to wear gunman or cowboy costumes and take commemorative photos while traveling around Taxes in the US.
This is why we have made a “Ninja Rental” service project as an event for foreign tourist. For this project, we rent ninja costumes to the foreign tourists and ninja navigators show the tourists around the town.
(The foreign tourists don’t have to ninja costumes if they don’t want to.)

―Invitation for Shinjuku Golden Gai Costume Tour―

You can enjoy international exchange with kunoichi ( femel ninja) staff in Shinjuku Golden Gai!

We invite our supporters for Shinjuku Golden Gai Tour as a return favor.
(The participants are required to pay for their meal bills.)

You can wear any clothing for the tour.
(Don’t hesitate to cosplay in Golden Gai, because this area is filled with unique people, so you don’t have to feel ashamed for your costume.)
You can either wear your own costume or borrow our ninja costumes. (free of charge).

Participants are welcome!

・Those who want to enjoy international exchange with foreigners.
・Those who want to enjoy drinking and chatting with foreigners in English (foreign languages)