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Enter the world of the Human Evolution Bed, inspired by chimpanzees!


Enter the world of the Human Evolution Bed, inspired by chimpanzees!

What's this Challenge about?

A wild chimpanzee will make 365 beds a year, and over 10,000 in their entire lives. The Human Evolution Bed project came from the desire to have the comfort of a chimpanzee bed in our lives. In an era when many are anxious about sleep, our wish is to bring them a new kind of sleep, one which they've never before experienced.

Hello, I am Koichiro Zamma.

A wild chimpanzee makes his own bed on a tree by folding branches,
forming an oval shape into a shallow bowl. It looks different from our
beds, which are of a flat rectangular shape. One day in African
forest, I climbed up on a tree and tried to lay down on chimpanzee
bed. It was an amazing experience, “So comfortable!”

Ever since, I have been dreaming of sleeping on a bed like chimpanzee
bed in my daily life. I shared my idea about creating a chimpanzee bed
in human scales and materials with a designer Mr. Shinichi Ishikawa,
and a bedding product expert /a sleep environment instructor Mr.
Arichika Iwata, who showed their interest in supporting the project. I
named the bed “the Human Evolution Bed”.

After many discussions and making a couple of prototypes, the Human
Evolution Bed has been formed and when I lay down, I feel the same
comfortableness, or even more. This final prototype was exhibited at
"the NEMURI-TEN" sleeping exhibition at Kyoto University Museum. Many
people showed their interests about this new bed born with a unique
concept. The Medias has also introduced this bed, not only in Japan,
but overseas as well. I hope to introduce the bed to everyone who
loves to sleep!