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SLIDE ARM - Gun shaped controller for presentation


SLIDE ARM - Gun shaped controller for presentation

What's this Challenge about?

Hi, I am a chief of R&D Div. #144.
I’ve decided to challenge crowd funding in order to get my boss supervisor back!

At first, let me talk about the background. I wanted to make a device which can encourage people who challenge presentation in case of severe circumstances.

I’m not good at making a presentation indeed. I don’t like feeling pressure just before my turn. Originally, I must talk about my project fluently and confidently, in front of many difficult judges. But the more I aware it, the more serious my face grow. I have wanted a device which can help me to switch my mind to positive, in that situation.

However, it must not cause misoperation. Although some presentation controllers are available to the market already, they have lots of buttons on their small housing. On the contrary, what I want is simple and easy to use. Therefore, it should have only two buttons to move to next page and previous one.

I‘ve made the one which can work in action.
Get ready to pitch!!


Power Cell: alkaline AAA x4
Microcontroller: 32-bit ARM Processor
Bluetooth: version 2.1 / 2.0 / 1.2 / 1.1
Next Page: Pull trigger
Prev. Page: Pull slide
Based Handguns: Air-Soft-Guns made by Tokyo Marui

print circuit board (ver.2.0) for SLIDE ARM

Risk and challenges

We are going to start shipping in early-December. However, please note that the arrival may be late because of manual production.



2. Berretta M92F

3. M9A1

This model can attach a laser sight option so that it has 20mm under mount rails.

4. GLOCK 18C

This model can attach a laser sight option so that it has 20mm under mount rails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does the battery last?
A. Based on our test, it has been used over 48 hours keeping continuous Bluetooth connectivity.

Q. How far can I use it from PC?
A. Approx.10m away, we estimated.

Q. Does this device have a laser-pointer functionality?
A. No, it doesn’t. However, GLOCK 18C and M9A1 can attach laser-sight being sold for air soft guns. Please note that it should be compatible with 20mm under mount rails for this purpose.

GLOCK w/ laser sight

M9A1 w/ laser sight

Q. Can I use this device with my smart phone or tablet?
A. No. You can not use this device with them. SLIDE ARM is designed to use with PC or Mac.

Q. Can I use this device with my Mac / Windows PC?
A. Yes, if your Mac / PC has Bluetooth functionality. We’ve tested on Windows 7, Mac (OS X 10.9) , Ubuntu 13.10. You can use it with your Mac / PC, if you can use Bluetooth mice or keyboards because SLIDE ARM is connected as a Bluetooth keyboard.

Q. Can I use this device with Keynote?
A. Yes, of course. We’ve tested on Keynote(Apple), Power Point(Microsoft), and Impress(LibreOffice) .

Q. I have some PCs. Can I use this device pair with them?
A. Yes, if you re-pair with your PC when you use. Please note that you need to disconnect pairing with old PC, prior to pair with new one.

Q. My PC asked to input PIN code when I try to pair with SLIDE ARM. What should I do?
A. You may input “1234” as well. It may be required PIN code in the case of Bluetooth controller chip on your PC is old. Recent PC does not want it.

Q. I had heard that wireless device must be certificated TELEC in Japan. Does this device pass that?
A. Yes. Bluetooth modules whitch is used for this device passed TELEC certification.

Q. So, Can I win today’s meeting using this device?
A. It depends on you. SLIDE ARM will be evaluated as a side arm, in this situation. And your main weapons are your own mind, smile, skills and passion. SLIDE ARM will perform its power even if your main weapons get jammed ^_^