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RYOMADENs guitar duo, "Ichimujin" challenges to the US tour toward Grammy Award!

RYOMADENs guitar duo, "Ichimujin" challenges to the US tour toward Grammy Award!

What's this Challenge about?

“Ichimujin”, as the first for the Japanese classic guitar duo, is going on the tour in the US, also deliver their live movies to the world through YouTube. Toward the goal of winning the Grammy Award, the highest of the Music Awards, we will do our best performance in the United States.

Along with the soul of Ryoma Sakamoto, great man of our hometown, we fly over to US and experience a lot of meeting new people in order to win the world best award.

About us

For Ichimujin, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary this year.We made our debut from Pony Canyon 9 years ago and got involved with the various TV drama, movies and TV advertisements.

We had experiences in various works such as “Unbroken (movie)”, “Unfair (TV drama)”, Misawa Home’s advertisement, etc. Also, we provided the ending song of NHK long running historical drama series, “RYOMADEN”, in 2010.

▲“Kakera”, the theme song of Misawa Home’s advertisement in 2010.

▲the ending song, “RYOMADEN”, of NHK long running historical drama series, “RYOMADEN” in 2010.

We believe that we got involved with many works because of the good encounters until now.

A fateful encounter

In the world of the classic music in Japan, normally you start learning a musical instrument from 3 or 5 years old. However, we, Yamashita and Udaka, started classic guitar when we were in the 2nd grade of the high school.

We started it because of joining the guitar club at high school. Since we have been playing sports all the time, we started where we could not even read a note.

It was only 2 hours guitar practice in a day as a school club activity.

However, fortunately, we won the 3rd place at the national contest after one year and we managed to enter in the prestigious university, Toho Gakuen School of Music.

We are sure that this was not because of our abilities, but it was because of our luck to meet our teacher. We learned classic music deeply at our university which is also known as the university that the famous conductor, Mr. Seiji Ozawa, was graduated.

Formed Ichimujin 10 years ago

The opportunity of the formation of Ichimujin was made that our teacher composed YOSAKOI Variations of our hometown, Kochi prefecture.

While we played the song, we felt that the concentration of the audience focused on us and created a real togetherness with them. Just after our performance, we received a roar of applause. When we saw the audiences were delighted and their faces with full of excitement, we were sure that

“We can go to the world with this song!”

And then, we made our debut from Pony Canyon. The reason why the late-bloomer such as us made a debut was because we were blessed with “people” we met so far. We feel that it comes down to this word.

Everyday, we feel that it was really good to cherish “encounter” and “connection” with people through our activities.

Challenge in our 10th anniversary year

Ichimujin celebrates the 10th anniversary this year.
Debut from Pony Canyon 9 years ago, we have got involved with various works such as TV dramas, movies and advertisements.

However, as we thought we would like to absorb many things by meeting as many people as possible, we established an independent private agency to do our activity without belonging to a major agency since 2010.

And then, since 2012, we have started to look to the world.

▲Performance in New York last year.

”Ichimujin” to our dream

(Ichimujin is a Kochi dialect meaning “Work Hard”)

With the performance making use of “the breadth of the music genre” as an advantage of a classic guitar, we aim to win a Grammy Award.

As the first and big step, we will go on the US tour.

This time, with the full support of the local producer, we are planning to start our tour from New York, New Jersey, Boston, Los Angels and Washington DC, etc.

In fact, we started our world tour since 2012. In New York, we performed at The Bitter End where Bob Dylan and Lady GaGa made their debuts. In Mexico, we were assigned a role of the last performer of the day in the 7 Days Guitar Festival. Also we had an opportunity to perform in Taiwan.

In the previous world performances so far, we have found that our music we would like to convey can reach people in the world.

(Live at the Bitter End. They performed last year, too.)

What we felt through the world tour

After the performance of RYOMADEN in 2010, we felt we had a hole in our heart as if we fell into burnout syndrome.

Meanwhile, there was the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. We were filled with a feeling of powerlessness.

In that state of our mind, as if we were attracted by something, we had an opportunity to go to US in the relation of RYOMADEN.

Over there, there was something we felt.

That was the power and awesomeness of the music which we never felt in Japan. Even we were able to move people’s hearts through our music in the land where we could not make ourselves understood by words.

From the following year, we had an opportunity to go to New York, Taiwan and Mexico. People can learn many things from meeting new people or by visiting historical environment. Also, people can learn to transmit what they get to know. We could not do anything 3 years ago. However, now, we think we can share the wonderful Japanese music and their humanity with people in the world for Japan. Also, based on the experience we had, we managed to create one of the Ichimujin’s performances.

Emotional music with the quality of Japan and new world’s view of the show

We express and perform by making use of “the breadth of the music genre” as an advantage of a classic guitar.

Challenge to the best in the world

The best music award, the Grammy Award.

Speaking of Grammy Awards, the world top musicians such as Eric Clapton, Lady GaGa, Michael Jackson, and from Japan, Takahiro Matsumoto of B’z or Kitaro have awarded.

This is the wildest dream for us.

However, up to now, thanks to many wonderful encounters, we have made our dreams come true.

Taking this challenge as the first step toward our dream, we promise to be the best in the world.

And then, we want to share the joy with people who cheer and support us. Because there are no lyrics in our music, we believe that we can have a stronger connection with people around the world through music.

▲Ichimujin’s special music CD is used for a gift of the DHC’s magazine.

Pushing forward with our passion and ambition.

“To the US tour!”

As we take a major step toward the great goal, we think it makes sense to manifest in the form of “crowd funding”.

Our name, Ichimujin, means “Work Hard” in old Kochi dialect.

The scene you use this word is not when you work hard by yourself, but you use it when you work hard all together in order to accomplish one thing.

We don’t think that this is a dream for only us to fulfill. We think it is a dream to be shared and fulfilled together with many people by receiving support little by little.

Like Ryoma in the old days, by meeting people and move their heart, with our aspiration and our mission, we would like to fulfill this dream with you.

Please give us your support!

Everyone! Come on and follow us!

▲The latest, 9th CD album, “BIG MOUTH”

Schedule for the US tour

The tour is scheduled from September 25th until October 2nd. The venues will be decided by between the middle of July and the beginning of August. It will be posted as soon as decided.

Breakdown of the target amount

The expenses in carrying this tour will be at least ¥1,000,000, which are ¥400,000 for planning and production and ¥600,000 for venue facilities.

The travel expenses of 4 staff from Japan and their accommodation expenses for one week are not included above.

If we have more than the target amount, we might be able to make additional performance overseas.

We promote this project for our lives.