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Creating a video to increase supporters for child education in rural areas of developing nations during the Study Tour with our goodwill ambassador!

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Creating a video to increase supporters for child education in rural areas of developing nations during the Study Tour with our goodwill ambassador!

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What's this Challenge about?

What's this Challenge about?
This challenge is about combating the vicious and perpetual cycle a lack of education creates for many children - A cycle that can be overcome and cured with your support and generosity.

Through this video of the Uganda Study Tour featuring our Goodwill Ambassador, we aim to raise awareness for these children, their sufferings and gain your ongoing support for this mission.

“Night de Light” is popular amongst all generations and their message has touched the lives of all viewers, spreading the stories of many children in need.

Who is Hunger Zero?

We are Hunger Zero, more formally known as ‘Japan International Food for the Hungry.’ We are a non-for-profit and non-government associated organization in Japan.

Our vision is to create a world without hunger. Whilst many who hear this will interpret it just as physical hunger, we also mean spiritual.

We work alongside those who are living in the most unfavorable conditions, plagued by hunger, poverty, lack of hope, and we are determined to combat the psychological, physical and emotional traumas that these conditions create.

Our main activities, that involve Community Development, are in Africa, Asia and South America. However, our Emergency Relief support extends worldwide.

Our organization was founded in 1981 by a woman who wanted to help Indochinese refugees. We began our mission with Emergency Relief, however quickly realized that without addressing the root cause of many other issues, suffering would persist. That was when our community development efforts commenced.

We currently work with more than 60 partners in 17 countries, and support more than 6000 people.

Our slogan is "Change myself, change the world".

Our organization’s slogan is “Change myself, change the world.”
While it may be quite easy to overlook the power of these words combined, it is important that one really delves into the affect one person can have on another, their community, and potentially, the world. However, in order for a positive spiral as such to begin, empowerment is crucial.

Go!! The Cycle of Hope!!

There are very few countries that are considered advanced, and more than 80% of the world population live in developing nations, where the gap between the rich and the poor is significant. Education for many children, especially in developing countries in rural areas, is limited.

The root of the problem driving this situation, is what is commonly referred to as ‘the poverty cycle.’
Families in these countries, often make their living through agrarian work. However, due to the limited income this generates, families are reliant on their children for support. This situation creates a trade-off for the children, and more often than not the children are then taken out of school in order to support themselves and the family.
The lack of education then means a child’s future job prospects are incredibly restricted. However, more significantly, the lack of control they feel they have over their futures, that feeling of powerlessness, is detrimental, especially for children.

But there is hope.
With our affiliations with partner organizations and involvement in community development, we hope to improve the lives of these families by creating a situation where children and parents aren’t forced to choose between food and education.


His parents died of malaria when he was 5 months old.

How he spends a day:
Wake up at 6am
Eat leftover from the dinner as breakfast
   Take cold shower
   Walk to school (long way)
   Come back home
Draw water from far well
    -It is his role even though he is small.
Water is heavy but he carries it every day.

Pick up firewood
    ―There is no gas. Firewood is necessary for cooking.
     This is his role, too.
    Wash dishes in the kitchen
    Take shower
    Read a book
    Go to sleep at 8pm

His other role is to take care of farm cows.
He leads and takes cares of cows larger than himself.

He is busy with school and house work.
However, despite these hardships, Moses dreams of having a strong enough educational foundation to pursue his dream job when he’s older. His daily escape is being able to attend school and partake in classes


Justine is able to attend school through the support of Hunger Zero.
She was 15 years old, when we visited her. And when we met her, she said to us that during her stay in school, she only has lunch. But despite this, education provides her something invaluable she previously never had, which is hope. Hope for herself and her family’s future. It is with this hope that she is motivated to study from 4:30AM to 9PM. Justine dreams of becoming a nurse when she’s older.

Children such as Justine, have significant benefits for the community and people. Through her education, she can empower herself and in turn uplift her current family and provide for her future family.

You, can also be a part of this change.


Let’s go to Uganda with “Night de Light”!

We are going to visit a village which is called Namtumba and exists in rural area. Namtumba is one of the poorest villages in rural Uganda, consisting of struggling families, harsh environments and cruel living conditions. In efforts to support and improve the lives of the people in this community, Hunger Zero are travelling to Uganda with a band named ’Night de Light,’ a goodwill ambassador since 2015, partnering with local organisations to try and uplift and empower the residents of this region.

Night de Light is a 4 person rock band. They formed this band in Sapporo City, Hokkaido, and have had great national successes with multiple tours and dozens of concerts across Japan.

This band is comprised of four people;
Vocal: Shiichi Hirano,
Guitar: Mitsuhashi Eriji,
Bass: Hiroshi Nagasawa,
Drum: Tanaka

What we would like to accomplish

Our main objective is to create a short clip, featuring the generationally popular ’ Night de Light' during our Uganda trip to try and encapsulate the difficulties the Ugandan community encounters on a day to day basis. With this film, we aim to acquire the support of viewers, and together, transform the lives of residents in the areas.

Why crowdfunding?

With 800 million people dying every year from hunger alone, we feel compelled to adopt an active role in aiding this crisis. However, lacking the resources to try and materialise our mission and vision, we are now seeking the generosity and support of others through crowdfunding.

Thanks & Kind Regards,
It is urgent for families, but especially children, to feel empowered and have the resources necessary to improve their futures.
We ask for your assistance and support in making this movie. We believe it will propel the currently struggling families and children towards a stronger and brighter future filled of hope and empowerment.

Message from our goodwill ambassador, Hideo Kobori who visited Uganda this year.

I went to Uganda this summer as a goodwill ambassador of Japan International Food for the Hungry.
I came back to Japan with many things I experienced with the five senses in Uganda.
Uganda still has many children who cannot attend school due to economic circumstances, family circumstances, etc.
To create an environment for children to be able to engage in studying is very important and it’s urgent task.

In Japan, every child can be supposed to get mandatory education ant it’s common sense. We may take it for granted.
But for people in Uganda, being able to attend the school is like a privilege of those chosen.

I hope children will be able to get chance to learn and to get job and they can be hope of their community and Uganda and this world.
Our love to the other can change children’s life and give this world blessings.

I believe that this video can touch many people and help them realize what we can do for children in Uganda to walk together with us.

Why do not you join us together to make this video carrying hope to children?
We appreciate your cooperation.
Thank you.