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To the band mecca, the US! Challenge for the Midwest Clinic!

To the band mecca, the US! Challenge for the Midwest Clinic!

Thank you very much for your support!

Thank you very much for checking the updates.
I’m Tomo MATSUO, President and Resident Conductor of Osakan Philharmonic Winds.
During 3 months, we introduce our concerts and projects, message of each members, also we received the message from wonderful people who we worked with… we could introduce what OSAKAN do “now” through this challenge.

There is only me in this band from OSAKAN birth in 20 years ago.
I spend the 20 years with many meeting and parting.
I could forget more than 90% of the moment that I feel really rough-we manage the concerts and projects, by less than 10% of the moment that I feel joy and happy- we play the music.
I witnessed a movement that a “dream” come “true” nearby Yoshihiro KIMURA, our Musical Director, I strongly learned the importance of not giving up our dream from him.
This is our dream that we will perform in the Midwest Clinic this time.
Then, we are able the dream to come true with the supports from so many people soon.

We are sorry to archive the funding goal, we will use all amount for our challenge.
We will search how to get the supports from the other ways.
The Crowdfunding finished, however, our challenge will still continue.
Thank you so much for your support and help from now and on.