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To the band mecca, the US! Challenge for the Midwest Clinic!

To the band mecca, the US! Challenge for the Midwest Clinic!

5 more days to go!

We have 5 more days.
10 years ago, in 2009, we went to WASBE.
Repertoire Session, we introduce some of new repertoire,
Evening Concert, our musical director Yoshihiro KIMURA and 4 conductors play.

【With Mr.Dennis L. Johnson, Mr.Glenn D. Price, Yoshihiro KIMURA, Mr.David R. Gillingham, Mr.Mark D.Camphouse】

The WASBE Magazine’s article says;
This is a terrific wind orchestra, strong in every section and capable of really refined playing in the right repertoire with a superb conductor in Yoshihiro Kimura.
I hope every year for an article or a lecture to introduce us to the best of the original Japanese repertoire, the repertoire that does not imitate our American colleagues. As so often at this conference, my favorite piece was the oldest, Hiroshi Ohguri's Fantasy on Osaka Folk Songs, I have never performed this but my recollection of the original is that it is simpler in its orchestra and more telling than in this version, I may be wrong.

In the Midwest Clinic, we would like to introduce the sound of Japan also Osaka with two terrific guests.
We will prepare to have the wonderful concert and performance in December.

Thank you very much for your support for the OSAKAN performing at the Midwest Clinic until 23:59 on Aug.31th!