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To the band mecca, the US! Challenge for the Midwest Clinic!

To the band mecca, the US! Challenge for the Midwest Clinic!

Message from Dr. Glenn D. Price!

We have received the message from Dr. Glenn D. Price!
In 2009, we have worked with him in WASBE, he was the president of WASBE.
Also he conducted our 22nd subscription concert and some concerts.
The concerts were wonderful and our lovely memories.

Please check the message!


I would like to congratulate the Osakan Philharmonic Winds on their invitation to perform at the Midwest Clinic in December.
Having conducted this ensemble on several occasions, I can attest to their high level of professionalism, both technically and musically. Moreover, the members are some of the most wonderful, caring and devoted people that I have ever had the chance to work with.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I support Osakan’s crowdfunding challenge, and urge individuals and corporations to support this outstanding group, who are wonderful ambassadors of music and harmony.


Dr. Glenn D. Price
Director of Performing and Visual Arts, Caltech Director, Los Angeles Conducting Institute Past-President, World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE)