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To the band mecca, the US! Challenge for the Midwest Clinic!

To the band mecca, the US! Challenge for the Midwest Clinic!

Message from Johan de Meij!

We have received the message from Johan de Meij!
We have worked with him in our 18th subscription concert 2015, with Mr.Joseph Alessi, from the New York Philharmonic.
The concert was fantastic!

Please check the message!


The Osakan Philharmonic Winds are planning to perform at the prestigious Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic this year. A very important yearly event, now in its 73rd year, that attracts many thousands of conductors, composers, publishers and everyone involved in the band world to Chicago. I myself have been participating as a conductor, clinician and exhibitor since 1988, without missing a single year.
I had the honor and the pleasure to work with the Osakan Philharmonic Winds in 2016, conducting a sold-out gala concert with Joseph Alessi as our trombone soloist. The OPW belongs to the top of the wind orchestra scene in Japan, and they have built quite an impressive reputation over the last 20 years. I highly recommend to support the Osakan Philharmonic Winds to make their trip to Chicago possible. I truly hope that we together can make their dream come true, and to make their 20th Anniversary even more special.

Thank you for your generous support!

Johan de Meij