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To the band mecca, the US! Challenge for the Midwest Clinic!

To the band mecca, the US! Challenge for the Midwest Clinic!

OSAKAN’s concert ーOsakan Autumn Concert

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The OSAKAN annually give approximately 40 recitals and concerts of varied instrumentation, from full band to chamber ensembles.
Let us introduce what kind of concerts we usually have.
I hope that you will discover what we do little by little.

Today, we will introduce…
Osakan Autumn Concert

We hold a free outdoor event every year on November 3 at the Hattori Ryokuchi Open-air concert hall in Toyonaka City, Osaka.
A family with a 0-year-old child is admitted with a stroller or a wheelchair, and they are free to go out of the venue whenever necessary. We welcome more than 2000 audience to the event every year.

Before the concert, we have Kids Fun Fair and Learning to Play Musical Instruments, both are prepared for children.
Especially, Learning to Play Musical Instruments is very popular from young children to Junior high school students.

【Kids Fun Fair】

【Learning to Play Musical Instruments】

In the beginning, several high school wind bands club play the music to open up the concert.
The ingenious productions and lively performances by young students usually receive big applauses from the audience.

【several high school wind bands club play wonderful music!】

At the end of the concert, Osakan family gets up on the stage.
In addition to the OSAKAN, there are two other bands: "Osakan Academy Wind Band", a member of society led by OSAKAN, and "Osakan Jubel Mama-brass" where parents with children participate, supported by OSAKAN.

【Osakan family’s performance receive big applauses】

Next, we play “Takarajima” with high school students. This piece is open to anyone who has instruments; it is simply amazing to listen to the music played by more than 200 performers.

【“Takarajima” by more than 200 performers】

Then we play "Rokko Oroshi", we fly the jet balloons with the audience!

【The colorful jet balloons fly to the sky ! 】

Osakan Autumn Concert is an free concert, so that everyone can enjoy our music.
It is our 10th year to hold this concert and we hope that a lot of audience will come and enjoy the wind band music.