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To the band mecca, the US! Challenge for the Midwest Clinic!

To the band mecca, the US! Challenge for the Midwest Clinic!

OSAKAN Concerts –Family Concert with OSAKAN Series

Thank you very much for checking out the OSAKAN page and updates.
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The OSAKAN annually give approximately 40 recitals and concerts of varied instrumentation, from full band to chamber ensembles.
Let us introduce what kind of concerts we usually have.
I hope that you will discover what we do little by little.

Today, we will introduce you to…
Family Concert with OSAKAN Series “Summer Family Concert" & "Christmas Concert”

During summer vacation and Christmas season, these concerts are dedicated to the families, seats available even for the babies of 0 years old.
"I want to go to a concert with my kids, but they cannot stay still. They may start to cry ...." Mothers and fathers might feel uneasy, but don’t worry!

It’s good to sing loudly!
It’s better to move your body to the songs! And it’s ok to go out of the hall during the play!
We are well prepared to keep them excited throughout the entire concert!
Of course, the mothers and fathers will be able to have fun together with their children.

Please be assured; we have a stroller storage area, a diaper change space, and a nursing room.

【Stroller storage area】

【Nursing room】

Before the concert, we have a lot of events in the lobby.
For example, Kid’s Fun Fair, Learning to Play Musical Instruments, and the Photo Spot for SNS.
In our Christmas concerts, children can make handicrafts to liven up the concert.
Especially, Learning to Play Musical Instruments is popular because it gives you the opportunity to experience real musical instruments.

【Summer Family Concert:Learning to Play Musical Instruments】

【Summer Family Concert:Kid’s Fun Fair】

【Christmas Concert:Making handicrafts - Christmas wreath】

The concert is a 60-minute show without a break!
We play popular anime songs, handplay songs, dance music, and more.
And finally, we play symphonic music for the audience to experience "wind orchestra".

【We produce the world of the music with beautiful stage lighting】

These concerts will feature not only OSAKAN but also a singing lady and a dancing guy.
Also "ONPU Rangers", the popular official character of OSAKAN in Toyono-town, contribute to enliven the concerts.

【The children sing a song with a singing lady】

【With ONPU Rangers, the children play in hall!】

These "Family Concert with OSAKAN Series" are very popular among the performances of OSAKAN.
We’d recommend this occasion for your children’s first time music concert experience.
Please enjoy the concerts with your entire family!