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Support Forty Year Scholarship Program with the University of Illinois

Green Street, where UIUC students have fun!

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Green Street

is the main street at UIUC campus and a lot of bars and restaurants are located there. UIUC students enjoy themselves there on weekend. When I was in Champaign, I had good time there with my friends, especially Murphy's and Legend's pub. When I missed Japanese food, I visited Sushi Rock (though its quality is not the same as the true Japanese food, it tastes good!). Also I enjoyed several Asian food such as Korean food :) Without Green Street, who can talk about the campus life in UIUC ?
Though it is popular, I heard the environment for restaurants is competitive. Already some stores are replaced by new ones, which are different from ones when I was in UIUC.

Today, Rise Katsuda, who is now on the campus, report Green Street! Enjoy her report!

- Shuta

“Green Street”... nostalgic word?

My name is Rise Katsuda and currently I am studying at UIUC as 39th Hachiro Koyama Memorial Scholarship recipient. Four months have passed since I came here. My life is going on everything on campus. Most UIUC students live in the dormitory or apartment on campus and the campus town is very convenient place. Especially, Green Street is the most relaxing place for students.

Green Street has a lot of bars, restaurants, cafes and grocery stores.


On weekday, students study hard but on Friday night, Green Street becomes exciting place and students have dinner and drinking party.
Not only Pizza and burgers but also Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese cuisine are provided by restaurants on Green Street. It is always hard to choose every time.

週末には行列ができるMurphy's Pub

Fatigue by studying on weekday will be blown off by weekend at Green Street. This moment will be stay on my mind even after going back to Japan.

Rise Katsuda