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Support Forty Year Scholarship Program with the University of Illinois

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Support Forty Year Scholarship Program with the University of Illinois

What kind of events are held on campus?

One of the scholarship recipient students, Rise Katsuta, report me about the events held on UIUC campus! I think almost all supportes abroad are familiar with those events, but they are very interesting for Japanese, haha.
I hope you enjoy the report and feel "ILLINI"sick !


Hello, this is Rise Katsuta, 39th Hachiro Koyama Scholarship student.
In UIUC, it is getting colder and colder these days. It is now snowstorm outside when I am writing this report. Temperature is of course, below freezing.
Today, I would like you to introduce the events held on campus!

August: Quad Day

Every year, Quad day is held on the last Sunday before new semester starts. Almost all of the student clubs or student societies come gather at the large yard called "Main Quad" to recruit new students! Universities in Japan also have very similar event.

It was too hot because of crowds, but it was so impressive that everyone try to recruit freshmen to their own clubs.
Many students sign up whiteout thinking seriously and get brochures of clubs...Then I got a lot of e-mails from too many

September & October : Halloween

I was so surprised at Halloween in America because of its high quality and enthusiasm of students!
Dormitory and dining halls are completely changed by decoration for Halloween such as Jack-O'-Lantern and witches. Around Halloween day, you can come across monsters, zombis and Disney characters.

On the Halloween day, it was very cold. However, a lot of students didn't care! They walk around the campus in fancy costumes. I met grotesque zombis, police, knight, tomato, shark, rabbits....etc. Wow..this is diversity lol

October: Homecoming Day

Every year UIUC has a homecoming day and alumni come back to the campus.

One of the biggest events of Homecoming day is the football game!! This year, UIUC beat Minnesota :)))

Everyone in campus wore orange and blue shirt (you know this is university color!) and it was very lively day even at night.
I heard it is very traditional event and homecoming day has been held since 1910. I really felt its long history and school spirit!
I L L I N I!!

Rise Katsuta / 勝田梨聖