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Support Forty Year Scholarship Program with the University of Illinois

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Support Forty Year Scholarship Program with the University of Illinois

Student in Illinois [Intro. 4]

It has been a while to update our activities in English. Thank you always for your support and we really appreciate it.
This year, it is one of the greatest year we had. The Chancellor Wise visits Japan now and we had the ceremony. We will update how it went well soon!

Today, I would like you to introduce the last scholarship recipients, Yoko Tanaka. I hope you enjoy her introduction.

- Shuta


Hello. My name is Yoko Tanaka. I am one of the 39th scholarship students and study at the department of law of University of Tokyo

I declare the following things as main aims during my studying abroad.
(1) Experiences of overcoming breakdowns
I have never been suffered from great breakdowns so far. I have neither failed terribly in my study nor had serious troubles in human relations. But it occurs to me that it may be only because I have dwelled in an easy-living environment where I don’t face ordeals surpassing my capacity. Although it is a challenge for me to jump into a foreign university and the idea that I must be put under tough situations I have never experienced makes me worried, I’d like to address each hardship thinking that I cannot grow up without them and facing a difficult situation is a chance to strengthen myself.

(2)Study education intensively
I make it a core of my studying abroad to intensively study education which I have been strongly interested in. One of the topics I am eager to study is educational gap and I am going to work hard to grab some hint to a question that “how to make education a device which narrows the gap, not a device which fixes it”. Another topic I am interested in is so-called “global education”. I’d like to figure out what American style education which is often mentioned as an ideal model is like and consider what lessons Japan can take from it and apply to our education system.
Although studying abroad experience may change my plan for a future career, for now I am thinking about working at MEXT as a bureaucrat, so knowledge and experiences I get during study abroad must be valuable in the future.

(3) Learn what I can learn only in the States
As for classes, in addition to classes on education, I’d like to participate in classes which are difficult to take at my home university such as movie theory, speech and seminars.
I can learn many things outside of classrooms as well. Meeting people with sense of values which cannot be seen in Japan and living with them will be good experiences even though it requires fortitude. Knowing 100 other opinions makes my mindset deeper compared with knowing only 10 of them. One of my good points is flexibility, so while keeping my core I’d like to widen my perspective by talking with as many people as possible, going to as many places as possible and trying as many things as possible.

Since those days it is not very rare to study abroad, just having study abroad experiences does not mean much. I will acquire only a few things if I passively think that studying in the States may change something. I’m going to keep the aims I mentioned above and ones I find after I start studying abroad in mind so that I can tell confidently what I learned, what has changes, what I achieve when I come back.
Honestly, I feel a little worried and scared about studying abroad. However, I am sure that it is right to bravely step forward remembering my motto “Lasting regrets last from things we fail to do, not those we do” and following my interest in studying abroad. I’m working hard to make the most of this wonderful chance given to me.

In addition to myself-introduction, let me mention one of the missions given to me as a Koyama Hachiro Scholarship student to introduce Japanese culture. When I thought about what I could to, the idea to use movies, which I love so much that I am even thinking about taking a class on it, as a tool to disseminate Japanese culture. Movies are an excellent device which can communicate multiple things such as Japanese language, landscape, music etc. generally. I’d like to hold a movie party at university and local schools to make people get interested in Japan.

Thank you.