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Support Forty Year Scholarship Program with the University of Illinois

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Support Forty Year Scholarship Program with the University of Illinois

Student in Illinois [Intro. 3]

As I introduced before, this year we have four scholarship students. The third student is Mr.Shota Komatsu, who is majoring in Agriculture and Economics. Also, when he was in Japan, he introduced Japanese Sake to college students because sake is not popular among college students in Japan. (Mainly, we enjoy beer or coucktail.) I hope he will make a lot of funs of Japanese sake in Illinois.
The photo is the experimental filed of ACES (College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences ) in UIUC campus.


I am Shota Komatsu, a senior student at the University of Tokyo, majoring agricultural and resource economics. I have decided to apply to JIC scholarship program because the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) has the faculty of Agricultural Consumer & Environmental Science, and specializes in Agricultural and Consumer Economics, where I really want to study. Agriculture plays an important role in developing countries, which has made me interested in development issues. The purpose of my study abroad at UIUC is to broaden my knowledge basement about the relation between agriculture and development. Furthermore, in Japan I committed to Sake group (details are as follows: to tell students the greatness of Sake to students. At UIUC, I would like to have a chance to do the same activity as an implementation of cultural exchange.
This is what I wrote in my application essay, but what has made me to study abroad is just my ‘intuition’.
In the University of Tokyo, there were a lot of energetic students; Some studied very hard, some had enthusiasm to think about their career, others worked as volunteers helping victims of Aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Seeing such students, I felt a complex about my powerlessness. When I was a high school student, I only had to follow what to do given by teachers. After entering the university, however, I realized that I had to create what to do by myself to enhance my life. One time I was absent from class for a month, suffering from an indefinable anxiety.
I asked one graduate what I should do, and he answered, “Just follow your own instinct”. The simple but fundamental advice somehow inspired me a lot. It was then that the word ‘studying abroad’ occurred to me. I did not intend to study abroad while I was a university student, so I was very surprised to come up with the idea to go studying abroad. I happened to find JIC scholar program, and came to know that UIUC specialized in Agricultural economics. At first, it was just an intuition that motivated me, but from that point on, things turned out well.
At UIUC, I will just do what I should do and what I want to do. After I return to Japan, I would like to share my experience with those who have the same anxiety as mine, and those who have not decided yet whether to study abroad. I believe that my experience at UIUC will help them to think about themselves.
I really appreciate this precious opportunity given by JIC, and I am grateful to the support from all JIC members and my family.

39th Koyama Hachiro Memorial Scholarship,
The University of Tokyo, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics