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Wish we could publish an e-magazine "Japanese" to enjoyably learn the Japanese language and culture

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Wish we could publish an e-magazine "Japanese" to enjoyably learn the Japanese language and culture

  • Challenge day 54: Interpretation if there is communication accurate! Interviewed on the principal of the elementary school of Osaka city the other day. School the percentage of children with foreig... Read more
  • Challenge 32 day: has skills as a volunteer. Until the second week of July, on Saturday at the end of June, "step up Department for literacy and Japan volunteer-lead, lead the importance-" that wen... Read more
  • From reflecting activity until now ever, together wrote to report on activities, this retrospective activities report and the past, will continue to write. A sorrowful incident took place. 4/15/... Read more
  • Challenge day 25

    Challenge day 25: 40% of students, school children of the foreign roots. Began to support children with roots abroad, attending the Saturday class so far I have been working "Multicultural Center (... Read more
  • Challenge day 23: find "a car", but "auto" and do not know. Ladies and gentlemen, for your support thank you. Challenge 23 day and today is three crowdfunding company and the US supports this p... Read more
  • Met with Koji Mizutani MERRY project. MERRY PROJECT that is very much from daily challenge to succeed in The Koji Mizutani representatives met with and received valuable advice. The largest i... Read more
  • Challenge day 9

    Challenge day 9 Today, teacher at the school, ask Japan language learning content in the manga has been consulted about the report until the current situation and future plans, what. "Indeed! "I t... Read more
  • Challenge day 8

    Challenge day 8 Japan language classes for foreigners have multicultural Center Osaka in the morning! Flyers posted in the classroom, don't forget that shot! This day, Philippines, Viet Nam, UK, ... Read more
  • Challenge day 7

    Challenge day 7 Is the beginning of a new week. Challenge started, still 7 days. Still a long away. Is the design of life tonight was always going at Osaka University. Lecturer is a borderless ... Read more
  • With the flyers made a challenge day 4, wherever you go, Talk people through the site if they met the time. Challenge 5 day Saturday, this day is a multicultural Center Osaka Saturday classes. N... Read more

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