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We want to protect the water environment!

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We want to protect the water environment!

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What's this Challenge about?

Hosei University Hydrological Science Laboratory has a history of going back 80 years, but now there is no Mr. Kazuo Mitsui Emeritus Professor Hosei University, the experience of Japan's water environment survey, which had been tackled since the prewar days, It was utilized in research and education of water resources development and conservation which was indispensable for agriculture and industry of postwar reconstruction, and has produced many research results and excellent educators.

At that time, a lot of national expenses were introduced, and Professor Mitsui's habit was "I have never used private expenses in my research, as I had research funding for all research," to such fields The trend of the world has gradually changed, especially the priority research field shifts to IT, life science, etc., excluding water resources and water environmental problems of developing countries, it is a big research expense Is getting available.

Especially since 1996 when Associate Professor Kodera succeeded the current laboratory, we have not been able to receive grants for research except for small subsidies within the university. Professor Kotera's habit is "It is not a true researcher to not do research just because there are no research expenses because there is a problem there and there is a truth to explore, It is natural that we should spend private expense as much as possible, "although it is the opposite expression, the number of researchers and educators who paid full attention to research and emitted in 20 years is higher than Mr. Mitsui's era .

However, these laboratory attitudes make it difficult for continuing research activities of economically difficult students, and seminar students are decreasing steadily, so it is impossible to maintain a wonderful laboratory structure as it is, for many years The valuable research activities that have continued cannot be continued.
So, in principle, we have to print out the printing expenses of the expenses (mainly travel expenses) for research and research which the members of the laboratory have borne by private expense and the "problems of hydrology field science" which summarizes the results Please support me with funds.