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What's this Challenge about?

Maywa Denki - Web Sketch Library

From the world famous “Otamatone” to items that weren’t put on sale, Maywa Denki has produced many wacky items that have bewildered customers. Here we will show you the world of Maywa Denki by revealing the “Idea Sketch”, or the archive of all the ideas that were ever made.

Our main activity at Maywa Denki is to “Create gadgets that have no practical use”. And in order to organize these ideas and put them into shape I drew many sketches on A4 size papers. Most of these consist of drawings that we thought up of, but other times we also have simple blueprints of the gadgets.

We have made over 5000 sketches over the past 20 years.

For me the “Idea Sketch” is the launch pad, and the product is the rocket. Surely the main object that everyone pays attention to is the flashy rocket but without the launch pad it is impossible for it to go to outer space.

People ask me saying “How can you come up with so many unique ideas?”. I tell them that there are so many tiny steps and processes necessary for coming up with ideas. You succeed in making some things while you fail at others. And when you continue without giving up for a long period of time…boom. There goes your rocket up in the sky. The main idea here is that giving up will not get you anywhere, but learning from your mistakes will.

The “Idea Sketch” records all these steps, and that’s the interesting part of it. It is the “log” of our journey that we have embarked in the past 20 years. Looking back at it can inspire ourselves to create new gadgets and even show us our habits and traits when we create these gadgets.

Also, by showing how the “log” works to the public they can also enjoy it by having a new perspective on things they have seen before. For example, if you look at Leonardo Da Vinci’s works he has a collection of sketches that show inventions that did not work out. By looking at these sketches that didn’t work out we can see the “log” of Da Vinci.

I think the sketches are both interesting for the public and myself.

Maywa Denki will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in the year 2013; and for this event we our releasing the project “Maywa Denki Sketch Library”. The 5000 sketches that we have made in the past 20 years will be released on the internet for free.
There are two main reasons; one is to show our gratitude towards our customers and restore some ideas back to society so it can be used by others also. Another reason is to organize our vast amount of sketches and discover new ideas. This is a new and conventional method of using our “log” that we are trying out.

There are many varieties for our sketches. As noted earlier our sketches are not limited to sketches but also include stage settings, poems, music sheets, storyboards, proposal ideas for entertainers, and more. Because it is impossible for me to grasp a vision of how the idea will turn out without drawing a sketch I always draw one when I get an idea.

The 3 functions of the Sketch Library

To collect funds for our “Sketch Library” project we decided to use the “COUNTDOWN” cloud funding system. And to gain the understanding of the public we will be showing you the steps of our operation. The “Idea Sketch” is similar to a museum, and it has mainly three aims. That is to “archive”, “research”, and to “display”.

Unfortunately 20 years’ worth of sketches weren’t kept in one secure area; they were scattered all over places such as my own house, storages, and many other places. Luckily I was able to collect the majority of these, but I still need to fix some of the ones that are broken and tattered.

Most sketches can be combined together with a product that we have created so step of assembling it together is mostly done. But the step categorizing them into chronological orders and sampling them is unfinished, and we still need to digitally scan the sketches and classify them by numbering them. Then finally we create specific “tags” and insert explanations for the sketches.

The “Idea Sketch” is interesting, but the fact that it is an unfinished idea cannot be avoided. If we cannot show these sketches in a unique and interesting method people will not understand it. In the same way a museum shows its exhibits in “simple”, “interesting”, and “deep” way we must also show our sketches in such a way. For this we will go through the process of curating and will be building a website that raises interest.

The Maywa Denki “Sketch Library” will be the compilation of our works that we have created over the last 20 years, and will be the “launch pad” for future ideas and gadgets that we will stir up. And for us to keep on going, your warmest support is truly needed and we hope that our words have made you interested enough to fund our project.

President& of Maywa Denki
Nobumichi Tosa

Detail for funding rewards

◆For a funding of 1,000JPY (Approx.13USD)

・Maywa Electronics Official supporter card
・Name listed on site as donor

The official supporter card includes the signature of Mr. Tosa, president of Maywa Electronics.

◆For a funding of 3,000 JPY (Approx.39USD)

・Maywa Electronics Official supporter card
・Name listed on site as donor
・Complete sketch ofOtamatone (A5 size)

From the first basic ideas of theOtamatone to its steps in creating, promotion ideas, and its original sketches are included. With this you will know all the secrets about theOtamatone!

◆For a funding of 5,000 JPY (Approx.64USD)

・Maywa Electronics Official supporter card
・Name listed on site as donor
・Invitation to attend the 4 hour lecture regarding the “Idea Sketch” and after-party
NOTE: Lecture will be held in Tokyo; travel expenses are not included.
Food and drink expenses for after-party not included

“Theory of Idea Sketching”
From the very first mechanics to the latest inventions all sketches will be shown and explained by the president himself.
Alcohol will be served at the after-party; get a chance to have some drinks with the development crew and have a good time.

◆For a funding of 10,000 JPY (Approx.128USD)

・Illustration by the president (in picture frame)
・Maywa Electronics Official supporter card
・Name listed on site as donor

Illustration that was featured on the president’s official blog. Includes signature and proof of validation.

◆For a funding of 50,000 JPY (Approx.641USD)

・Sketch of Seamoons II A4 size with aluminum frame
・Maywa Electronics Official supporter card
・Name listed on site as donor

A drawing sketch of “Seamoons II”, an artificial vocal cord robot which Maywa Electronics is currently developing.

◆For a funding of 200,000 JPY (Approx.2567USD)

・Sketch of Seamoons II A2 size with aluminum frame
・Maywa Electronics Official supporter card
・Name listed on site as donor

A drawing sketch of “Seamoons II”, an artificial vocal cord robot which Maywa Electronics is currently developing in A2 size paper. Complete with signature of validation.