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Go Global! Hiroshima Innovative School We want to make the event a success!

Regional Revitalization
Regional Revitalization

Go Global! Hiroshima Innovative School We want to make the event a success!

What's this Challenge about?

Hiroshima Innovative School—where high school students get together and confront with local issues

In the summer of 2017, we are putting on a grand event “Global School in Hiroshima.”
The event will be the culmination of our project, Hiroshima Innovative School, which started in the summer of 2015.
We want to convey the power of high school students to the world!
We want to connect Hiroshima with the world!
We want to get more friends to make innovation!
Please help us deliver our passion and aspirations!
Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

What’s Hiroshima Innovative School?

Hiroshima Innovative School is the project requiring high school students to explore what are needed to revitalize the local communities. In this project, we collaborate with the students from the universities, businesses, and NPOs in Hiroshima, as well as with overseas high school students.We also learn from the frontline people who are playing an active role in business about what are vital for making innovation. We have put into practice what we have learned.

Divided into four area teams, we have put each team’s approach into action aimed to revitalize local communities. In the summer of 2016, we went to Hawaii to work and learn with the high school students coming from six regions in four countries, The Philipines, The US, Indonesia, and New Zealand, about what the future of the world should be from now on.

〔The Project Membership Schools〕
Onomichi High School
Hiroshima Prefectural Onomichi Kita High School
Hiroshima Prefectural Kuremitsuta High School
Hiroshima Prefectural Saijo Agricultural High School
Hiroshima Prefectural Hiroshima Junior/Senior High School
Hiroshima Prefectural Hiroshima Kannon High School
Hiroshima Prefectural Hiroshima Kokutaiji High School
Hiroshima Prefectural Fukuyama Myoodai High School
Hiroshima Prefectural Miyoshi High School
Hiroshima Prefectural Yasufuruichi High School
Hiroshima Prefectural Yoshida High School
Hiroshima Municipal Technical High School
Hiroshima University High School

Activities so far

The Intensive School 

- All members involved in the project attended the intensive school with accommodations, learned from the instructors and Lecturers playing an active role in the frontline about what it takes to make innovation, and worked on identifying the course of action and the goal of Glocal School in Hiroshima spearheaded by the team of student leaders.

Global School In Hawaii

In the collaborative learning process with other students from overseas partner schools, we talked about what sort of global approach would be essential to build a sustainable society.

Activities put into practice to revitalize the local communities

- Divided into the four area teams, we worked on identifying the localities’ issues as well as what each locality had to offer, exploring an approach to solve those issues and putting what we have found into practice.

Area A Team

-Creating a beloved local area, by establishing the connection between the children and the community, MIDORIMACHI area.

Area B Team

-Holding an event, TONAKAI FES, to connect their cities with the children and the young people of the rural areas by high school students

Area C Team

-Holding WORKSHOPs on PEACE and LOCAL ISSUES for Young People by High School Students

Area D Team

-Creating and distributing free papers, KATTEDEMY, featuring the award winners who commit themselves to the revitalization of the local community.

 Glocal School in Hiroshima

We will hold events to convey the power of high school students to the world
Date: July 29 & 30, 2017
Places: 1. Kamiya-cho Shareo
2. Hiroshima Prefectural Citizen’s Culture Center (Hiroshima Kenmin Bunka Center)
3. International Conference Center Hiroshima (Hiroshima Kokusai Kaigijo)

1. In Kamiya-cho Shareo, various events and performances are to take place including Kagura performance (Shinto theatrical dance) by Yoshida High School, a ceremony awarding yuru-kyara (anime-style cartoon mascots) that spice up the localities, a quiz show to learn more about Hiroshima, all aimed to make their activities known to the public. Not only that but also overseas folklore fashion shows, selling sweets from overseas and such are to be put on with the aim to increase each’s understanding of different cultures.
2. In Hiroshima Kenmin Bunka Center, such session and workshops are to be held as—a poster session to introduce our activities to those interested in our project, a workshop to have the adults know more about the power of children, another to have elementary school students think about the future, and the other aimed to increase each’s understanding of different cultures with different senses of values.

3. In Hiroshima Kokusai Kaigijo, a joint declaration is to be addressed to the decision-makers and participants, geared toward “A better world in 2030,” which we will craft together with other students from abroad.

Your generous support will help us to pay for the expenses incurred in the event opening and running operation

1. Prizes for the winners in the quiz show
2. Rental and cleaning fees for the folklore costumes
3. Expenses for transportation and the items of honorarium
4. Expenses for stage performances and winner certificates
5. Procuring sweets from overseas and such
6. Expenses for fancy paper, other paper, Post-it, giveaways to the participants, and the guests’ invitations
7. Other matters involved in public relations and venue decoration

Signals from Hiroshima to the world delivered by high school students!

We, still green high school students, have put forth our whole energies to face the issues of “the local communities, Japan, and the world.”
“Glocal School in Hiroshima” will be the culmination of our project over three years, conveying the power of those high school students towards a great number of people including the decision-makers, businesses, NPOs, university students, the residents of the prefecture, and other high school students, offering an opportunity to think together what the future should be like for us.
“Through this event, we hope the decision-makers will feel sympathy with our passion and ideas and make the most of them in their policy-making process! ”

Please help us deliver our passion and aspirations!
Thank you in advance for your cooperation!