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Provide attractive photos and videos of all prefectures as free materials. I want many people to recognize the good points of Japan


Provide attractive photos and videos of all prefectures as free materials. I want many people to recognize the good points of Japan

The payment is processed regardless of its achievement of the funding goal.

What's this Challenge about?


▶ ︎1. Overview of the challenge
▶ ︎2. Self-introduction of Challenger
▶ ︎3. Challenge Background
▶ ︎4. Challenge contents
▶ ︎5. Future prospects
▶ ︎6. Use of funds
▶ ︎7. About Return
▶ ︎8. Finally

︎1. Overview of the challenge

This is the first time I have been doing this, and I am very anxious, but I will do my best not only for this challenge but also for the future. I hope you will read the text to the end.

I would like to contribute to the revitalization of the region by recording and disseminating the beauty and traditions of each prefecture. As a first step, we will create and operate a website that takes attractive photos and videos of all prefectures and provides them as free materials for commercial use. We decided to challenge this time to secure equipment procurement costs for shooting better photos and videos and costs related to site management.

︎2. About the challenger

I am a company employee living in Kanagawa Prefecture, 32 years old this year.
It is often said that his personality is mild and angry.
I like Japan and travel around the country.
I've always wanted to do activities to convey the goodness of Japan because it's not for profit

3. Challenge Background

When I was a university student, I traveled from Kanagawa to Okayama and traveled in poverty using an 18 ticket. Until then, I had never been to other prefectures on a school trip, so my first voluntary adventure has already stimulated my senses. I still remember the excitement I had at that time.

Since then, I have always traveled all over the country on a long holiday, and I have been doing such an event for more than 10 years. When I noticed, I visited all prefectures, went to various natural landscapes and historical spots, touched emotional traditional crafts, ate delicious local gourmet foods, watched local activities, and was fascinated by Japan. From now on, I want to ask more people to know the goodness, not just myself. This feeling became stronger year by year, and I decided to prepare for this activity.

With the declining birthrate and aging population, the concentration of population in urban areas, and globalization, the commonplace may disappear soon. It's sad, but I'd like to keep a record of what might be lost at least and pass it on to future generations. This is also an activity for that purpose.

4. Challenge contents

The website is created and operated mainly based on two activities. One is to communicate the goodness of Japan through blogs, and the other is to provide free photos and videos I took. With regard to the provision of materials, the aim is to make many people aware of the land by making bloggers, media, etc. easily use materials that convey the appeal of Japan. Each of them aims to contribute to regional revitalization by increasing the number of people who want to know the goodness of various parts of Japan and want to visit the area.

︎5. Future prospects

In the future, I would like to be able to monetize the website through adsense and pure advertising, etc., and I would like to do the following activities based on the funds obtained there.

・ Promote free traditional crafts that can become lost skills due to lack of craftsmen. The purpose is to leave technology to future generations by expanding recognition and increasing the number of craftsmen by implementing video production and web marketing.

・ We visit municipalities that may be lost due to the declining birthrate and aging population and the depopulation of the community, and we will record the history and activities of the area. The purpose is to convey the thoughts and steps of the people who lived there.

・ Give donations and support activities to non-profit organizations that are serious about regional revitalization. This is because we believe that positive support for people with high aspirations and behavior is a great benefit to society.

To get the power to do the above activities, I moved from an automobile manufacturer to a web advertising company. I am currently developing my web promotion skills every day. I am glad if you can consider whether or not this challenge will support the future prospects.

︎6. Use of funds

We plan to use funds mainly for three purposes.
・ Purchase equipment to produce high-quality materials
・ Convenience improvement and recognition expansion costs
・ Return cost

Equipment procurement
There are more than 10,000 photos that have been taken so far, and this is also planned to be offered as a material, but it cannot be said that the quality is complimented. I would like to procure appropriate equipment and provide high-quality materials in order to convey the appeal of each region.
Planned purchase equipment

・ High performance camera
・ Video camera
・ Drone
・ Image and video editing tools

For the purpose of improving the convenience of the website and expanding recognition, it will be used when the target funding is exceeded. Currently, we are making a database of materials with a free plug-in from WordPress, but it is actually inconvenient for users. I would like to purchase a database tool separately to improve convenience. In addition, we would like to publish a web advertisement for the purpose of expanding awareness, and I will use it for the cost.

︎7. About Return

\ 1,000 yen

・ Thank you in the blog post

¥ 10,000

・ Thank you in the blog post
・ Enter your name on the website as a sponsor

\20,000 Yen

・ Thank you in the blog post
・ Enter your name on the website as a sponsor
・ Present local goods purchased at the next travel destination

¥ 50,000

・ Thank you in the blog post
・ Enter your name on the website as a sponsor
・ We present expensive local goods purchased at the next travel destination

\ 100,000 yen

・ Thank you in the blog post
・ Enter your name on the website as a sponsor
・ We present expensive local goods purchased at the next travel destination
・ Concentrated promotion of specified areas in JAPAN

\ 500,000 yen

Plans for corporations and organizations
・ Thank you in the blog post
・ Enter your name on the website as a sponsor
・ Photographing and interviewing desired shops and places nationwide (separate transportation costs)
・ Creation of coverage article and introduction on blog
・ Provide all materials you have taken
・ Promote promotional videos based on the content of filming and interviewing
Or website creation using existing Wordpress themes

If you wish to make a website or promotional video, we will participate from the following planning.

・ 3C analysis of customers, competitors, and your company
・ Clarification of purpose of production and drop-in to composition
・ In the case of website production, writing is also implemented

8. Finally

It is a start from a state where only one person does not know the right or left. However, this activity has been a dream since I was in my late teens, and I still have a strong feeling in my early 30s. Even if it is a retirement age, even if it is an activity that does not make money, I would like many people to like Japan more. I came to take on challenges with the preparedness to continue my life for that. Even if you don't have financial support, just telling people around you about the existence of the website is also very helpful. Thank you for your support.