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Coupon Bingo, a Mobile Bingo Game App for Small Businesses!


Coupon Bingo, a Mobile Bingo Game App for Small Businesses!

What's this Challenge about?

Hi, my name is Yoshihiko Takahashi.
I’m the CEO of Print World, in Akita, Japan, a printing company specializing in designing and printing customized bingo cards!

After 2 years of creating customized bingo cards, I firmly believe that bingo games are the perfect way to bring people together through fun and entertainment. And now, with our experience and knowledge of the game, we’re launching Coupon Bingo, a new bingo game app for smartphones.

With Coupon Bingo, any small business owners can host a virtual bingo event and offer coupons for the participants. Anybody from anywhere can play bingo for free and get coupons for various stores and businesses.

This app will be a great gateway for small businesses to reach out to new customers from all over the world.

Why Focus on Small Businesses?

We believe small businesses are the key to the economy.

In Japan, 99.7% of the businesses are classified as small-to-medium businesses, and 69% of workers are employed by such businesses. (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry & Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, 2006).

However, most small businesses, especially with less than 20 employees, have been struggling after the collapse of the '80s bubble. 55% of the Japanese small businesses listed stagnation in sales as their top problem. (Japan Finance Corporation, 2013). They often struggle to find a way to improve their sales without enough budgets.

That’s why we’re offering a free plan for small business owners on Coupon Bingo!

Hosting a virtual bingo event is a new, low-risk way of reaching out to potential customers. They can enjoy the bingo game and win coupons, which will give them a reason to visit your stores and websites.

We believe empowering small businesses will lead to empowering society. Coupon Bingo is a wonderful tool that will make everyone happy!

Our Mission: Connecting People Through Bingo

Our company is located in Northern Japan, where the Great Earthquake in 2011 has left much impact. Going through such a big tragedy, we began to appreciate the importance of human networks. That inspired us to create a service to connect people through a joyful experience.

Many small businesses use DM and flyers to reach out to potential customers, though those are usually not much appreciated. Bingo is a fun way to connect to people; after all, no one hates playing bingo!

Bingo is also a game known and played in many different parts of the world. Coupon Bingo is a new marketing tool that will bring smiles to users all over the world as they discover and connect with new small businesses from everywhere.

How Does Coupon Bingo Work?

Businesses can host virtual bingo evens, which anybody can participate on their smartphones.

Coupon Bingo offers a great selection of designs. Business owners can choose the one that fits their business the best to attract people who will most likely be potential customers.

The game will provide other functions to enable business owners to most easily and effectively reach out to many people. We also plan on developing an effectiveness measurement that will analyze what actions the user took through the game.

100 Customized Bingo Cards in 2 Years: We Know Bingo!

We started our customized bingo card service 2 years ago (which comes with a free trial!).

In those two years, our quality customized bingo cards have been used by over 100 businesses for various occasions including events, exhibitions, in-store promotions, or as DM. We have learned so much about promotion and marketing strategies, and we will be applying the knowledge and experience to the production of Coupon Bingo.

How Bingo Works to Improve Sales

Here are some examples of businesses using bingo in improving their sales.

Bingo attracted 6,000 people to a product launch event!
A leading food company hosted a bingo game using our customized bingo cards as part of their product launch event. The event successfully attracted 6,000 people, which was twice as many as the original prospect.

Great entertainment for an anniversary party!
We created bingo cards with brand logos and faces of staff members printed on instead of numbers for a large clothing company’s anniversary party. The bingo game became a popular entertainment of the evening, pleasing every guest, including the VIPs.

In-store bingo event more contracts!
One of the top telecommunication firm hosted an in-store bingo game event using bingo cards that had service names instead of numbers. The event was a large success with a higher sales rate. Combined with a survey, the bingo game also proved effective as target analysis.

Coupon Bingo Development Timeline

Oct. 2013: Release the prototype to COUNTDOWN supporters
Nov. 2013: Start developing the Beta
Jan. 2014: Release the Beta (in Japanese only)
July 2014: Release Japanese ver. 1.0
Oct. 2014: Release English ver. 1.0

Rewards: Don’t Miss the Chance to Try Coupon Bingo Beta!

We offer various rewards for your kind support. Below are some examples:
1. Heartfelt thank-you message
2. Your name will be credited on the Intro page of Coupon Bingo
3. You can participate in the supporter-only Facebook group, where you will receive exclusive updates and interact with other supporters.
4. One-year coupon for 100 customized bingo cards (35,000 JPY worth)
5. Get Coupon Bingo prototype for free
6. Get Coupon Bingo Beta for free