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What's this Challenge about?

Dear Friends! We have a chance over the next few years to make history.

After 25 years as a theatre professional, having produced a hit, long-run musical in Toronto, and with my last 5 years travelling the world performing Rakugo, I have come to believe that Rakugo can be a hit show in London, New York, and the Western World.

(Sunshine performs the famous Rakugo story "Jugemu" at the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto, 2013)

Rakugo is traditional Japanese culture. 400 year history. As popular in Japan today as it ever was. But even more than that, Rakugo is hilarious and incredibly entertaining. And even more than that, Rakugo works in English, in French, and in every single country I have ever performed in (15 countries, 5 continents so far).

My dream for for Rakugo is this:

. 1)  To perform in London’s West End
. 2)  To perform in New York, Off-Broadway
. 3)  To tour theatres in cities all over the world

We need your help to make this dream a reality. Please consider contributing to bringing Rakugo to London and New York!

Katsura Sunshine Rakugo Project: Overview

September 2017
Three Week Run in London

November 6th to January 31st - SoHo Playhouse New York
Three Month Run in New York's off-Broadway!

What your contribution will go towards:
The money we raise will go towards the main challenges of making this dream a reality.

Theatre Rental
Set Construction
Lighting, Sound and Video
PR, Press and Promotion
Travel and Accommodation

Sunshine wants to bring Japanese culture to the world through the laughter, fun and traditions of Rakugo!

Please consider joining our dream! We can't do it without you!

For more on Sunshine:

For more on the London and New York projects:

About the special offers:

~Mention in Sunshine's Rakugo Report~
We will be publishing a regular Rakugo Report in digital form documenting this exciting journey to London and New York and beyond, and your name will be listed as a generous supporter in every issue.

~Sunshine Fan Club~
We are starting a fan club now, and would love you to join! Your contribution includes a one-year membership. Stay tuned for more offers, news, fun contests and games and event discounts for fan club members as we proceed!

~Shikishi Sign Card~
The traditional Japanese Shikishi Sign Card is a white card which artists, performers, athletes and celebrities decorate with any manner of original signatures as a gift of appreciation for patrons, fans, supporters and friends.

~Tenugui Hand Towel and Sensu Fan~
The Fan and the Hand Towel are the traditional props of the Rakugo storyteller. They can be used to represent chopsticks, a pipe, brush and paper, wallet, and any number of objects used by characters in a Rakugo story.

Rakugo storytellers also personally design their own fan and hand towel with their signature, auspicious designs, word play and other imagery as gifts of appreciation for patrons, fans, supporters, friends and even fellow storytellers. We are currently designing Sunshine's original fan and hand towel London and New York series just for you.

~VIP Invitation to Sunshine Events~
Sunshine will hold events in London, New York, and Tokyo such as his annual Canada Day Rakugo Reception at Tokyo's Roppongi Hills Club, and we would love you to be our guest!

~Sunshine Documentary~
The cameras will be rolling to document this exciting journey from traditional Japan to the West End and off-Broadway. Sunshine will edit an exclusive documentary to give you the inside story, available only to our supporters via download or DVD.

~Sunshine Documentary with you in it!~
Send us some pictures or a short video message and Sunshine will edit you into the documentary as a very special patron of our journey to London and New York!

~Personalised Broadway Photo Journal~
The camera is never far away, hundreds of pictures have already been taken and thousands more to come as we document these productions. Our gift to you is a copy of this photo journal with one page thanking you personally for your generous support!

~Opening Night for Two~
And invitation for two to the opening night performance of Rakugo in the West End or in New York, as well as the opening night reception after the show.

~Dinner with Sunshine~
Dinner for two with Sunshine and other special guests in London or New York during the run of Rakugo at our sponsor restaurant.

In London, the wonderful So Restaurant near the Leicester Square Theatre - great great Japanese food!

In New York restaurant to be announced.

If you have any questions about these or other gifts, never hesitate to contact us!

Katsura Sunshine

Company Manager Marie Fukuda