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Japan PonyCon Mascot Poniko Plush


Japan PonyCon Mascot Poniko Plush

  • Poniko shipped!

    We completed all Japan domestic and international shippings. It will be delivered to you in 2 to 3 weeks. Please wait :) Read more
  • Successful Convention Pickups We successfully delivered all of the 53 plushies to the final owners who wished convention pickup deliveries. To compensate for the shipping fee, convention picku... Read more
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  • Hello, this is Poniko Plush Project team. To whom selected “JPC convention pickup” delivery option, this is the instruction for you to pick up your Poniko plush. --------------------------------... Read more
  • Update to #PonikoPlush cloud funding supporters. The prototype was completed at the factory! After the final revision, we will start producing. Read more
  • Successfully Funded! Thank you everyone for supporting Poniko Plush project! We reached the funding goal. We will order 100 plushies once we have the funds transferred to our bank. We will del... Read more
  • Poniko Plush is priced flat 13000 yen, but to compensate the shipping fee differences, we give you exclusive gift A for "Japan Domestic shipping", exclusive gift A and B for "con pickup". Breakdown... Read more