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Japan PonyCon Mascot Poniko Plush


Japan PonyCon Mascot Poniko Plush

Sprint Challenge: It is a form of Challenge that aims to achieve a Target Amount within a short Request Period.

What's this Challenge about?

Poniko Plush is finally here!

JPC wants to produce 100 Poniko plushies for the JapanPonyCon2017 convention on November 3rd and 4th, 2017.

We decided to use this Japanese site for the cloud funding because they support English pages and PayPal payments.

About JapanPonyCon

JapanPonyCon is a fan convention held in Japan for fans of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. It is organized by JapanPonyCon. Attendees can socialize about the show, participate in panels and events, and buy fan-made products produced by local artists.
The next convention will be held on November 3rd and 4th, 2017, at Cotton Merchant Hall (綿商会館) in Tokyo.
Please visit our official site for more information.

Challenge Goal

Collecting 100 orders.

At this time we can only produce 100 of Poniko plushies. We have to close this fundraising challenge at the moment when we receives the 100th order.

How to become a supporter

1: Please register and create your account on this site. (Registration is free) You can use your Twitter or Facebook account.

2: On the “Poniko Plush” project main page, please click [Support] button. On the “Choose a Reward(s)” page, please choose your reward and enter necessary information on the form.
    Note: The price of the plush reward is 13000 yen
    You can use PayPal and other major credit cards.

Pickup/Delivery options

There are 3 delivery options to choose from.
Please specify which delivery option you want to use when you select your reward.

1: Pickup at JapanPonyCon2017
    The location will be at Cotton Merchant Hall (綿商会館) in Tokyo.
    We will send emails on how and when to receive the plush rewards.

2: Japan domestic shipping

3: International shipping from Japan

Note 1: We will add bonus JPC goods in the package for supporters who chose “Pickup at JapanPonyCon2017” and “Japan domestic shipping” options.

Note 2: We will start shipping plushies after a few days from the closing of JapanPonyCon2017.

When we reached the goal

We immediately order the production of 100 plushies to Neko.

When we DO NOT reach the goal

If we have 99 or less orders by the deadline, we will have to cancel this project. Each pledge amount will be refunded to the individual supporters.

Challenge deadline

The last to day to submit your support pledge is on 7/31/2017 (Japan local time).

About the plush artist

We asked a Taiwanese plush artist, Neko Kevin, for the design and production of the Poniko plush. If you want to check out his works, please see the links below.

    Neko Kevin (青焰, Blue Flame)

Specification of the plush

Dimension (H x W x D): 35 x 35 x 12 cm

Weight: 400g

Materials: Plush fabrics and staffing material

How the project evolved

Our convention mascot, Poniko, has been loved by many fans around the MLP fandom.

“Where is a Poniko plush?”
“Her simple design is awesome”
“I would like to buy if there is one”

Every time we heard these requests, we wanted to make a Poniko plush.

Mascot pony plushies are popular at the major MLP conventions, however, the lack of a plush crafter in Japan has been prevented us to do so.

However in November 2016, a Taiwanese plush artist, Neko Kevin, rose his hand to help us make it happen. We finally have all the resources to produce the Poniko plush.

This would be our first time to produce a plush toy for our convention. We were not sure we would succeed, but we formed a team and started initial researches in December 2016.

After months of prototyping and making adjustments, the plush design was finalized in March 2017.

In April 2017, we conducted a test sale with 9 prototype plushies at BABSCON 2017. They sold out in 10 minutes flat.

The success proved the quality of our final design. In May 2017, we started planning for the fundraising and distribution options. We gathered information on production cost, shipping cost, and cloud funding service fee. And now, we are ready to start the fundraising.

In July 2017, the fundraising site is ready!

Final Words

Please help us produce the Poniko plush for JPC2017. Everyone who wants the plush, please join this fundraising. Let’s make it happen!

Thank you,


“Poniko Plush” project team, JPC