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Online Video Distribution of the Latest Aikido Techniques! Video Clips of International Workshops of Iwama Aikido "Saito Hitohira Soke".


Online Video Distribution of the Latest Aikido Techniques! Video Clips of International Workshops of Iwama Aikido "Saito Hitohira Soke".

Essential after COVID-19 "Nuki-sashi","Shuriken".

I would like to inform all those who support this Challenge so far and from now on, Courtesies to the Supporters revised.

The environment is changing all over the world due to the influence of COVID-19.
Aikido is no exception and is subject to many restrictions in each country.

The scheduled overseas workshops by Soke was canceled in both Portugal in May and California in July.
I am sorry for everyone who was looking forward to participating, including the organizer.

It is also a big trial for this Challenge.

However, from a different point of view, it can be considered that there are opportunities for progress.

"What is the practice method that can be done by myself?"

This question is a theme for many who learn Aikido.
Knowing as many answers as possible will have more important meaning in the times of living with COVID-19.

Fortunately, the Iwama Shinshin Aiki Shurenkai still has weapon skills such as the founder's sword and staff techniques.

The variation of the weapon technique that Soke inherited and developed not only the Suburi, or swing and the forms of sword and staff,
but also "Nuki-sashi, or How to use Katana" and "Shuriken, or a throwing‐knife" are the valuable indicator for us to study.

Usually, they are taught only for a small number of people, such as an apprentice of Iwama Headquarters.

If it can be delivered to those who support this challenge,
it will be an example of changing the pinch of COVID-19 into an opportunity.

This time, Soke agreed to teach these weapon techniques in a video to replace the canceled seminar.

Specifically, we plan to deliver the following contents.

Courtesies to the Supporters (revised)

One is the video of the seminar in Rennes, France, which was fortunately recorded in November 2019.

Almost all teachings of the seminar just before the world is closed by COVID-19 will be delivered.
The details are described in the guidance of this Challenge, so if you have not seen it yet, please refer to it.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the cooperation of the seminar organizer, Olivier Eberhardt sensei.
Distribution is scheduled for July 2020.

The other is a movie newly recorded by Soke at Iwama Headquarters.

We are planning to record "Nuki-sashi, or How to use Katana" and "how to throw the Shuriken, or a throwing‐knife" mentioned above.
Even if it is difficult to stay at Iwama Headquarters as an apprentice, you will be able to receive the instruction at home.
This will be a new indicator for many students to practice by themselves.
Distribution is scheduled for September 2020.

Third, we will deliver the Slovak Seminar scheduled for November 2020.

Should this be canceled as well, we will deliver the earliest seminar that follows.

This is the end of the Courtesies to the Supporters (revised).

There is a supplement regarding the delivery method.

Initially, we assumed a one-year streaming distribution, but if the target amount is not reached at the end of the challenge, it may not be possible.
In that case, please understand that we will change to delivering the video on a medium such as a recording disk or by download.
Also, please be aware that the quality of shooting may be affected depending on the equipment.

The deadline for applying for this challenge is June 16th.

Please take this opportunity to have a valuable videos to learn the techniques and studying methods that you shouldn't allowed to be taken out of the house.
We sincerely hope that this Challenge will be helpful to all people around the world who intend to learn Aikido.