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INVISIBLE WAVES: since the earthquake disaster, we have been looking for WORDS.


INVISIBLE WAVES: since the earthquake disaster, we have been looking for WORDS.

What's this Challenge about?

March 2014. It has been three years since the Great East Japan earthquake. Japan’s leading novelist Hideo Furukawa and award-winning poets, Keijiro Suga and Mizuho Ishida, are to talk and discuss in Japan and abroad, about present and future after the earthquake disaster. The impact and the memories of it are gradually fading but people are still feeling pain concerning the nuclear power plant. How can the words literarily express them and show the future? What is actually happening and the important truth are invisible.

Passion for our challenge

It has been three years since that day. Our project ‘Invisible Waves’ was started by our passion of us. We have been looking for ‘WORDS’ after the disaster, to talk directly with people in the world about the Great East Japan earthquake, its influence to the art world, the nuclear power plant accident and our future. With this project, we believe we can create opportunities to let people, who rarely read books, rediscover the Japanese literature.

What we want to achieve.

As the first step, we are going to do talk shows and reading events in Paris, Rouen, Lille (France) and London (UK). The Project title is:

’Invisible Waves – Japanese Writers on the Tsunami, Fukushima and our Future.’

When Haruki Murakami’s novels and Japanese animation started being accepted in foreign countries and this became a worldwide trend. There have been many debates and arguments on the disaster inside Japan. Therefore, rather than doing domestic activities, we thought we should go overseas, where people have great interest in nuclear issues, and talk about the influence over the art, without any filter, such as newspaper and TV. By doing this, we believe we can build up a cooperative relationship with people in each city and ask them about the disaster and nuclear issues in world terms, through literature. We hope people will have more interests in these issues and talk with them through our project.

After returning to Japan, by benefiting all the connections we develop during the tour, we plan to provide information and invite their questions on our official website ‘Invisible Waves’ and our Facebook page, in order to exchange information between people in Japan, especially in the Tohoku region, and the world. On the official website, the authors’ works related to the disaster are to be published (and translated.)With the websites, we believe people inside and outside Japan will recognize the disaster and present and future of the affected area. What is more, we would like to help people in different fields, art and literature, to exchange thoughts and think about disaster together through our events.

Share the records and memories of the disaster

Japan clearly obtained a negative legacy by the disaster. However, this can be a precious legacy which the world should know and which we can hand down the story from generation to generation. This project will bring good opportunities to let people know about this negative legacy.
The Works that novelist and the poets will read at the events were written after the disaster or are somehow connected to the disaster. They wrote their feeling after the catastrophe as well as atmosphere, voices, colors of the society, what happened there, how people felt, reacted or could not react, and so on. We believe if we can share records and memories with many people, we can think more about our future.

Promoting Japanese Literature to the World

This project also can lead to promote Japanese culture and art, other than manga and animation. If the Japanese literature is read more in foreign countries, like Haruki Murakami’s novels are, it will be reached us in Japan and may help to stop ‘aliteracy,’ which is definitely a serious issue in Japan. You may wonder why the authors themselves have to go abroad to promote Japanese literature. It is because we realized that our thought and passion cannot reach overseas if we act only inside the counry. Th is why we need to go over there.

What we are aiming at

When people understand each other and do something together, they talk to each other and set standards, rules and targets, which they can agree and share. All of these can be done by using words. Depending on how we say, we can make people feel differently. For example, if you say ‘it is an end of an event,’ it may sound different from saying ‘it is a break before a new beginning.’ Authors, who always use words, are searching new words to describe a new future with people. We would like to think about joy and difficulty in life and world’s problems and grope for words to overcome problems with as many people as possible. This will encourage people to cooperate and to bring an opportunity to create a better future.

Please support us!

We started our activities with the thoughts explained above and if you share these thoughts, do join us. Currently, all the cost of the activities have been paid out from our pockets. However, this will not be enough to make this project happen, and if we can have your support, we are sure we can make our project better. If you have any empathy, please support us. Thank you.

Support message

When you hear voice, after it's over, It's gone in the air, You can never capture it again.
That is not all. There are voices and words unheard, faded or even forgotten. There were voices unsaid and words unwritten. However, invisible waves are surely here and there. To respond or to try to respond to voices that are not here or unborn. It is never too late. Whatever it is, especially in this case, it is never ever too late.
Atsushi Sasaki (Critic)

About Return

★Limited mail magazine (¥1,000 or above)
・To be delivered biweekly. Tour stories behind the scene, event information, etc.
※The delivery schedule is to be informed soon.

★Thank you email (¥3,000 or above)
・An e-mail with a movie message from the authors.

★Free magazine and postcard (¥5,000 or above)
・Free magazine distributed at the events in France. Bilingual in Japanese and French.

★Free magazine and postcard with your name and autographs of the three authors.(¥7,000 or above, limited to 50 supporters.)

★The original tote bags travelling with the novelist and the poets. (coming with photos of the events) (¥10,000, limited to 30 supporters)
・We will take ‘Invisible Waves’ original tote bag to the tour.
We will give them with autographs and photos of the events.

★The photocopy of the manuscript of ‘Invisible Waves’ original short poem written during the tour in France and the UK with a autograph. (¥10,000, limited to 20 supporters)
・Mizuho Ishida will write an original poem during the tour. We give its photocopy of his manuscript.

★Special CD (with autographs on disc.) (¥15,000, limited to 30 supporters)
・Furukawa will record natural sounds in France and the UK, Suga will play the ukulele, and Ishida will recite a sutra. These sounds are to be mixed by a musician, Kojima Keitaney Love.

★DVD of the event in France and the UK (¥50,000)
・In order to make you feel as if you participated the event, DVD, the footages will NOT be edited. These footages are available ONLY from COUNTDOWN.
※Allocation of raised funds・costs of event (facilities, setting-up and personnel) ・interpreter fees at the events ・promotion and advertising costs (producing flyers)・website production and translation cost

Allocation of the raised funds

・costs of event (facilities, construction and staff)
・interpreter fee of the event
・promotion and advertising cost (production of flyers)
・website production cost and translation cost